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People Who Block Me

It would be helpful, to me, rather than see this:
"Your account settings prevent your from answering this question."

.....when THEY blocked me. If I have to look at them, then at least say something like this:
"Their account settings prevent your from answering this question."

How come I never see questions from the people I block for good reason? I am thankful for this because I only block those who have violated some TOS (usually sexual in nature) or they are just rude and we are better off going our separate ways. And I usually unblock the latter of the two, after awhile. Unless I space it and forget, then I do it whenever I do check my blocked list.

But for some reason, I come across people who have blocked me, for no reason, which is not an issue at all. I simply could care less to see someone who blocked me for no reason. It would be nice if the people who block me and people whom I cannot communicate with were totally invisible to me.

Anyways, thanks for any attention to this matter. :)
OnewithJC OnewithJC 36-40, F 1 Response Aug 4, 2012

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Sorry for the frustration--Sometimes EP filters on general account settings can prevent you from interacting with members in specific ways. For example an adult user will be blocked from private messaging a minor who has not added him/her to their circle. This is one example of an automatic filter we have in place.<br />
<br />
The block may not have been directed at you personally.