Community & Staff Live Group Chat Coming Soon!!

Over the last couple months we've been focused on finding better ways to communicate with our members.

We want you to be well informed of new features and fun events but even more importantly we want to make sure we hear your feedback thoughts and suggestions.

We also want to be sure that your questions, concerns and flags are addressed quickly by making it easy to reach staff.

Over the next month you'll see a number of improvements rolled out, but today I'm very excited to announce two great additions coming this week!

--Header Notifications from EP Staff:  You'll be getting live, instant  notifications to alert you of any major updates and event.

--Regular Live Site-wide Chat with Staff & Community:  We'll regularly be hosting live group chat for all our members. It's an opportunity to chat with staff, share your thoughts on recent changes, offer suggestions and ideas, all in real time. Or just come stop by to say, 'hi' and hear from your peers.

We hope you're excited about the steps we're taking to improve communication.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

EPArsineh EPArsineh
31-35, F
10 Responses Aug 7, 2012

Sounds promising....



a good thought! :)

I think this would be nice. It is a good way for members to talk with staff and get some real feedback on the changes that are being made. I hope people don't overload it with silly questions when there are people on this site that truly want to help find good and workable solutions to make EP a safe, respectful, online community that is enjoyable for everyone.

This sounds very good.

This imrpovement will make a lot of difference.

HI Arsineh. My eyes are particularly drawn to the live chat, which I think will be good for general interactive chat, getting to know others, having a good chinwag (as we Brits say!) generally, but also maybe will prove to be a good platform to raise any concerns and also to ofer our own ideas in a more immediate way.

Sounds good to me.

Cool :O