Town Meeting

Hey All,

Just wanted to say I'm sorry for not planning this out better. Our site has been growing a lot lately and I didn't expect the chat message storm that happened in the Town Meeting. I've temporarily throttled this, so if you can't get into chat, it's because we're just trying to control the amount of messages in the chat so that EPSydni and EPArsineh can have a more meaningful conversation. The chat is first come first serve, so please don't feel like we've excluded you in anyway. We just want to have a productive conversation. Maybe in the future, we can break into smaller chatroom groups or something.

You guys brought up lots of good ideas, as fast as I could read them.

I had to take the chat offline for a few minutes to add in some new code, so if you experienced difficulties, SORRY! MY BAD! But it was only in hopes of facilitating conversation. Thanks for your patience and chat participation. If you are angry, please feel free to rage at me.

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6 Responses Aug 9, 2012

when is the next town meeting yo?

Not scheduled yet...

dEng son

you write cool stories

damn right


poor EPDan


If you do this again are a whole load of us going to get locked out again? No point trying to participate if we can't post in the chat.

I think in the future, we're only going to allow a few people into chat because otherwise, the chat is impossible to follow because people talk to fast to read. However, my thinking was just to allow people to watch the meetings if they want. Which is why some people couldn't post. Sorry if you didn't get in to chat. We're thinking of ways to come up with an equitable way for people to contribute.

Hmm okay that makes more sense. But is this what we are supposed to see when we cant get into the chat room? Cant post the image so look at the story.<br />
<br />
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Unfortunately the screenshot you have is from the few minutes during which chat had to be suspended--which explains why you were unable to post. We learned a lot from this first session and will be making improvements to the chat room to accommodate more people and add structure. Hope you'll join us in a couple weeks when we host our next chat.