All I saw when I got to the chatroom, none of the messages I typed showed up either. Not sure if this was the traffic problem you mentioned or just a bug so posting it up for you anyways. I was logged in and stuff, just clicking on the notification took me there.
Floydian Floydian
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I also blocked people from posting, b/c there were soooo many people in the chat at first that it was unreadable. Sorry if you were unable to post. Thinking of ideas on how to allow people to read, but limit only a few people to talk so that we can actually have a conversation.

This was around 1:50. Did you have people blocked at that time too?

That's the chat room! You were at the right place, unfortunately the screenshot you have is from the few minutes during which chat had to be suspended--which explains why you were unable to post. We learned a lot from this first session and will be making improvements to the chat room to accommodate more people and add structure. Hope you'll join us in a couple weeks when we host our next chat.

But I could see the messages other people were posting arsineh so the chat did not seem to be blocked? Just looked like I could not post.

It was basically first come first serve. So the first 50 that logged-in could post and have a conversation with Arsineh.

Ahh I see.