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Chat Corner Recap!

Many thanks to those who logged on to participate in our chat session. It was the very 1st session we've hosted and we had an unexpectedly large turn out. We are going to spend the next couple weeks improving the chat feature significantly to accommodate our large group and provide more structure. We're sorry to hear that some of you had trouble accessing and participating. We're ironing out these issues and look forward to chatting with you at our next session in 2 weeks.

That said, some fantastic ideas and suggestions came up from members during the discussion:  (Let us know what you think and add your own suggestions by posting a comment.)

Profile customization:
Having more ways to express yourself via profile pages.  Specifically, there was significant interest in having more background/profile skin options.

--More stats:
Adding the ability to see personal stats like number of story views, comments posted, etc. all in one central location.

--Improved flagging system:
Better ways to bring immediate admin attention serious situations and a confirmation of some sort to show that the flag is being addressed. 

--More premium features for EP Supporters:

--Improved filters:
Improved system for filtering out content from blocked members or groups a member deems personally offensive.

The list goes on and on, though the above is just a sampling of some of the concepts that were discussed during the session.

We'll be working with our developers and engineer to tackle these concerns and address some of these popular suggestions.

If you were unable to join the chat session, we hope you'll join us in a couple weeks when we host another.
EPArsineh EPArsineh 26-30, F 169 Responses Aug 9, 2012

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I have a good idea, stop trying to manipulate us into giving you money it's not like we don't know what your doing. This is a free site not a pay site we aren't fools we know dishonest behaviour.

Thank you! I have just noticed that you have improved the spell check - not that I need to use the spell check. but it is much better with more options as of a few days ago, so I am told! I know that it is tough to run this forum singled handedly ;o), but you do a great job! - I have learned and grown so much in just the month or so that I have been here - and met many hot chickie -poos, too :D - Thanks so much! Hey, beautiful, you come here often - LOL!

I have mentioned the flagging system several times to you Arsineh however it has remained the same,it is littered with faults.I made the suggestion that trusted sponsors/volunteers should have the ability to filter out content that is in violation of EP rules.<br />
Many volunteers here do not take the role seriously,often I see volunteers advertised who have not logged on in months,if their volunteer activity ceases they should not be advertised as a point of contact for our new members.<br />
Sadly I have never had any feedback for my many suggestions,hence my no longer posting on the " I want to help EP group"<br />
Regards,<br />
garvan EP sponsor/volunteer.

Garvan--We love hearing from you and our other members so I'm sad to hear that you no longer share your ideas in the Improve EP group and don't feel that your ideas are valued. They certainly are.

We agree with you that the flagging system has room for improvement. We're constantly working to improve the system which is a never ending process. Most of these changes happen on the back end to help staff quickly remove repeat offenders and review flags more quickly.

We're also looking into expanding the tasks/responsibilities we give our volunteers.

With the small team we have, we can only do so many things at once--but we'll certainly get to it.

Thanks Arsineh :-)

Yeah, I just saw this beautiful fire place in a living room when I clicked on the link. So I sat and sat and sat some more, but no one ever came into the room? Well, I hope I don't miss the next one! : ) LOL!

Thanks for your efforts

I think they are good suggestions. <br />
!. I like knowing the total hits per all my stories, too. Before the change I was up to 28000... now I do not know. Also I think commenting on stories that have not been commented on was a good thing...I really miss it.<br />
And why don't we get know any longer the tatal number of our comments?<br />
Is there a way to get a printout of all my stories? Comments? Is there a charge?<br />
Thank You ... I think that is quite a bit for now...smiles Hugs, LW

thnx for inviting and update me of any other activity it was really interesting

i missed d first one but i will surely come 4 d next session next 2 weeks cous i have alot of question

How about bringing back the "games" link again?

Yeah, I really enjoyed playing their games too.

I found a games link at the bottom of the page and play now and then..:)

There are very few forums where people from all lifestyles and religions can discuss and get perspective on things that they know little about. I personally have found EP to be in the main an excellent way of educating myself in many lifestyles I knew/know nothing about. I may not agree with all stories posted, I might put a comment saying such or even asking a question, but to me the diversity of people and opinions is EP's greatest asset.

Thank you Anothertime....I don't always agree and I am not always interested in what people say on this website; but as an American I believe this " I may not agree with you but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Our founding fathers and mothers were pretty sharp, we must honor them and follow their lead, freedom of speech and thought must be protected and indeed encouraged.

Thanks for the recap; looking forward to round 2, hopefully see you there!

I am saddened that I missed such a ground breaking event. But alas I was in the hospital so was unaware of this occurring. I look forward to the next session as well as seeing what has come of this one. I am curious if there is a way to get say some minutes or highlights of the topics that were discussed?<br />
Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day.

unfortunate that i missed it

Dear Arsineh , i just have come back from vacation and right now i am reading about the chat meeting.. That's why i was not there.<br />
I hope to be in the next session

thank you for that but am sorry i can't participating

Arsineh,I would have loved to have participated and was logged on however I could not access the feature.I have read that you are addressing this,thank you for that.<br />
I look forward to taking part in the next session.<br />
Regards,<br />

I really think this is needed....we need a way to BLOCK all content that we might post from people who will be offended by these posts. There are wayyyy toooo many moralistic prudes who go to groups that they don't approve of then flag everyone that posts there. Listen...seriously NO ONE MAKES THEM GO THERE...if they will be offended by these groups and the posts there they must be banned from entering them. In fact it is all of us..not them that need to be protected against the people that believe that it is their duty to remove anyone they don't like or agree with....I hope that you will consider this suggestion, it would be very easy to allow us to block these members from seeing any of our posts.

My favorite suggestion was the improved flagging system. Sometime we have posts by members who are in crisis. It would be nice to have an easy way to flag EP and know the situation is being addressed.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the great new communications tool.

I would like to find out more about chat information. This site has really be helpful to me

Wish I could have been there, but I wasn't feeling well and slept in late. Sorry. Can't wait for the next one though.

would be great to have a feature of searching other members by age, location, heritage and maybe interests or stories or groups....and also how about adding a feature to keep urself anonymous when posting a story??

damn i missed lol

what u mean,
alot of ep members have got some photos like i have

add me plz.

Sorry .. I was interested in the first chat session but had other commitments. nice topics :)<br />
I look forward to the next one in 2 wks.<br />
Thank You!!

I might add with the offensive "people" on this site, there are numerous US users who have acess to the criminal justice information network, and NCIC to check the background of IP addresses and the names of those associated with it.. come to find out many are sexual and violent offenders who are bound by state law not to have or use a computer.

Criminals don't usually follow rules or the law. Its good idea though to have a security dept checking out the flagged undesirables, I wouldn't like it if they checked everyone, then it would no longer be an anonymous site, big brother is watching us too much for no reason.

what do you think these sites are about?? hint:

Yes, I think the flagging system needs help, and also blocking members is almost useless. I have maybe 50 people listed as "blocked," yet only one person is actually blocked! What is going on if I have to check someones profile to see if they are on my blocked list before I answer a question?? I also think that if someone answers your question *very* rudely, you should be able to erase their answer instead of deleting the question.

They used to have this option in the other version, I think some people abused it so it was changed.

well cozyuptothefire if the question and true is your meaning you created it you can delete anything you want. Also in your setting you have options on settings meaning mature people flagged people if you click those they cannot say or responed to your story/question.

OK, well I quit asking questions because there was no way that I could see to delete a rude answer....maybe it's changed since I gave up. I will go check out the options. Thanks.

Nice idea...sorry I missed it! Hope to participate in the next one!

please do host another chat session as i didn't know it was on- life just got too busy I guess <br />
<br />
the 1 comment that I can think of at the moment is "is it possible to have a like button on the comments posted to peoples photos" so someone can just like a comment rather than writting there own

AH ! Missed it !! but definitely this will going to elevate the experience of all ep users ! Kudos to ep team for this initiative !

i have recieved a like and a comment from people on the site relating to my opinion of this new idea. when i click on them i cannot find them on the site. where are the comments and likes? Thankyou

They are hidden unless you roll you mouse over the lower right hand side of a comment. Autohide, like on your desktop, actually I like that feature.

I just heard that the whole project was a miserable failure, probably due to a lack of proper preparation, well that is very sad i think it has potential to be a useful tool if properly administered. Well now i don't feel so bad for missing it.Hopefully EP can learn from it's mistakes.