Chat Corner Recap!

Many thanks to those who logged on to participate in our chat session. It was the very 1st session we've hosted and we had an unexpectedly large turn out. We are going to spend the next couple weeks improving the chat feature significantly to accommodate our large group and provide more structure. We're sorry to hear that some of you had trouble accessing and participating. We're ironing out these issues and look forward to chatting with you at our next session in 2 weeks.

That said, some fantastic ideas and suggestions came up from members during the discussion:  (Let us know what you think and add your own suggestions by posting a comment.)

Profile customization:
Having more ways to express yourself via profile pages.  Specifically, there was significant interest in having more background/profile skin options.

--More stats:
Adding the ability to see personal stats like number of story views, comments posted, etc. all in one central location.

--Improved flagging system:
Better ways to bring immediate admin attention serious situations and a confirmation of some sort to show that the flag is being addressed. 

--More premium features for EP Supporters:

--Improved filters:
Improved system for filtering out content from blocked members or groups a member deems personally offensive.

The list goes on and on, though the above is just a sampling of some of the concepts that were discussed during the session.

We'll be working with our developers and engineer to tackle these concerns and address some of these popular suggestions.

If you were unable to join the chat session, we hope you'll join us in a couple weeks when we host another.
EPArsineh EPArsineh
31-35, F
143 Responses Aug 9, 2012

I have a good idea, stop trying to manipulate us into giving you money it's not like we don't know what your doing. This is a free site not a pay site we aren't fools we know dishonest behaviour.

Thank you! I have just noticed that you have improved the spell check - not that I need to use the spell check. but it is much better with more options as of a few days ago, so I am told! I know that it is tough to run this forum singled handedly ;o), but you do a great job! - I have learned and grown so much in just the month or so that I have been here - and met many hot chickie -poos, too :D - Thanks so much! Hey, beautiful, you come here often - LOL!

I have mentioned the flagging system several times to you Arsineh however it has remained the same,it is littered with faults.I made the suggestion that trusted sponsors/volunteers should have the ability to filter out content that is in violation of EP rules.<br />
Many volunteers here do not take the role seriously,often I see volunteers advertised who have not logged on in months,if their volunteer activity ceases they should not be advertised as a point of contact for our new members.<br />
Sadly I have never had any feedback for my many suggestions,hence my no longer posting on the " I want to help EP group"<br />
Regards,<br />
garvan EP sponsor/volunteer.

Garvan--We love hearing from you and our other members so I'm sad to hear that you no longer share your ideas in the Improve EP group and don't feel that your ideas are valued. They certainly are.

We agree with you that the flagging system has room for improvement. We're constantly working to improve the system which is a never ending process. Most of these changes happen on the back end to help staff quickly remove repeat offenders and review flags more quickly.

We're also looking into expanding the tasks/responsibilities we give our volunteers.

With the small team we have, we can only do so many things at once--but we'll certainly get to it.

Thanks Arsineh :-)

Thanks for your efforts

I think they are good suggestions. <br />
!. I like knowing the total hits per all my stories, too. Before the change I was up to 28000... now I do not know. Also I think commenting on stories that have not been commented on was a good thing...I really miss it.<br />
And why don't we get know any longer the tatal number of our comments?<br />
Is there a way to get a printout of all my stories? Comments? Is there a charge?<br />
Thank You ... I think that is quite a bit for now...smiles Hugs, LW

thnx for inviting and update me of any other activity it was really interesting

i missed d first one but i will surely come 4 d next session next 2 weeks cous i have alot of question

How about bringing back the "games" link again?

Yeah, I really enjoyed playing their games too.

I found a games link at the bottom of the page and play now and then..:)

There are very few forums where people from all lifestyles and religions can discuss and get perspective on things that they know little about. I personally have found EP to be in the main an excellent way of educating myself in many lifestyles I knew/know nothing about. I may not agree with all stories posted, I might put a comment saying such or even asking a question, but to me the diversity of people and opinions is EP's greatest asset.

Thanks for the recap; looking forward to round 2, hopefully see you there!

I am saddened that I missed such a ground breaking event. But alas I was in the hospital so was unaware of this occurring. I look forward to the next session as well as seeing what has come of this one. I am curious if there is a way to get say some minutes or highlights of the topics that were discussed?<br />
Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day.

unfortunate that i missed it

Dear Arsineh , i just have come back from vacation and right now i am reading about the chat meeting.. That's why i was not there.<br />
I hope to be in the next session

thank you for that but am sorry i can't participating

Arsineh,I would have loved to have participated and was logged on however I could not access the feature.I have read that you are addressing this,thank you for that.<br />
I look forward to taking part in the next session.<br />
Regards,<br />

My favorite suggestion was the improved flagging system. Sometime we have posts by members who are in crisis. It would be nice to have an easy way to flag EP and know the situation is being addressed.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the great new communications tool.

I would like to find out more about chat information. This site has really be helpful to me

Wish I could have been there, but I wasn't feeling well and slept in late. Sorry. Can't wait for the next one though.

damn i missed lol

what u mean,
alot of ep members have got some photos like i have

add me plz.

Yes, I think the flagging system needs help, and also blocking members is almost useless. I have maybe 50 people listed as "blocked," yet only one person is actually blocked! What is going on if I have to check someones profile to see if they are on my blocked list before I answer a question?? I also think that if someone answers your question *very* rudely, you should be able to erase their answer instead of deleting the question.

They used to have this option in the other version, I think some people abused it so it was changed.

OK, well I quit asking questions because there was no way that I could see to delete a rude answer....maybe it's changed since I gave up. I will go check out the options. Thanks.

Nice idea...sorry I missed it! Hope to participate in the next one!

please do host another chat session as i didn't know it was on- life just got too busy I guess <br />
<br />
the 1 comment that I can think of at the moment is "is it possible to have a like button on the comments posted to peoples photos" so someone can just like a comment rather than writting there own

AH ! Missed it !! but definitely this will going to elevate the experience of all ep users ! Kudos to ep team for this initiative !

I just heard that the whole project was a miserable failure, probably due to a lack of proper preparation, well that is very sad i think it has potential to be a useful tool if properly administered. Well now i don't feel so bad for missing it.Hopefully EP can learn from it's mistakes.

oh nooo sorry I've missed it, I've been very busy and tired out from the hot weather. Just saw the notifications and invites, hope to catch up next time. ^_^

I am relatively new to your site.<br />
I really enjoy it and I am happy to participate. I don't have any beefs as yet. I have only had one negative reaction but many, many positive reactions.<br />
<br />
Thank you for all your efforts.

Just our 2 cents.......but it seems like 50% of the members here are NOT real! most likely single men acting as a married couple or a female, 25% seem like under aged kids. Not sure what you can do to weed that out other than having admins personally skyping accounts and issuing a "Gold Certification" after confirming the We are a real married couple and enjoy your site when we can ;)<br />
TY for keeping it free!

I am real too and I really wouldn't like if I EP began requiring a background check to participate. There's too much surveillance in the world, we don't need more.

damn i missed it, I've not been well at all. So I only logged on today and seen the invite :(

I just feel so bad i missed everything. I think maybe somebody here does not like me, maybe i should leave EP

Too bad nobody sent me an invitation, i guess i don't meet the standards

The invite was sent too late, only one day notice. Also not everyone can be available between 3p-5p on a weekday. Next time they should tell us in ADVANCE (like @ least 2 weeks) and it should be on a weekend, its not like they aren't there then.

It was too confusing for me to understand i was here but i could not figure out how to log on they did not give clear instruction , i imagine those in the clic knew just what to do. In other words those in the in crowd.

Hope to get another chance..

So sad I missed this! I most certainly look forward to further development of the EP mobile site to provide easier interaction with the site for users. Would love to see some advanced post editing options like spelling and grammar check to help users provide better content fir each other. And wouldn't it be awesome if content filtering settings were more uniform? I have noticed that sometimes adult filtering set to "show me the profanity" doesn't necessarily result in an absence of asterisks as one tools around the site.

You can choose 'show me profanity'? Some of the older groups, of which you are already a member, do list the actual word, its the new groups that are filtered. It would be nice if it were more uniform.

Sorry the exact title of the setting eluded me, so being kind of lazy, I gave up and used that. You are correct that it is not very uniform. Sometimes it works and I see all the vulgarity that doesn't bother me, amd other times I am in every other word asterisk-land, often without a clue why.

I had not understood the flagging issue some of the other comments referenced until I was recently looking at a submission to one of the non-adult groups I am part of, and realized that it was flagged, or perhaps ***** dotted would be a better term, because of my adult settings. It is kind of a drag to get penalized for having an adult profile, or at least for self identifying that you have a sexual profile, when attempting to interact with non-adult groups.

I understand the need to protect minors from innaproprate content, as well as the positive benefits of allowing people to avoid adult content that they do not desire to see, but that really shouldn't mean we walk around with giant scarlet dots on all our posts. That just seems a bit overkill to me. I can differentiate between a time that it is, and is not, appropriate to behave in a certain manner.

Just because I can be a freak in the bed, doesn't me I cannot act like a lady on the street.

i will try too join the next chat, sorry couldnt do it before had no internet connection

can't wait! :)

I'm an Aspie and I'm glad to have found this site

Ill be there for shur!! Very concerned about my EP family and very protective of all.

I'm not interested since i was not invited to shaere

Everyone is invited as long as you're a member.

i never saw any invitation, if it was there they did not bother to explain where it was.

Wish I were available to have partaken in this. Don't have much in terms of feedback or such about the site (other than front self-profile page is starting to get kinda "bogged down in the details in my opinion), just would've been nice to have been there ^_^

Their is so much immature and ignorant people on this site that think they're the shyt. NEWS FLASH I BELIEVE EP is for everyone who would like to join not for just "CERTAIN" types of people but for all people to share their experiences, Am I right or am I wrong? <br />
Dont judge on what EP is for or what type of people belong here or not just leave them alone and deal with you as we deal with our selves . <br />
I Hate people who think its for certain people and tell me I dont belong here. <br />
<br />
No one made them boss of this site.

Those people exist everywhere. I knew a woman who moved into a house in my neighborhood &amp; automatically thought the street by her house was now 'hers' and we all should abide by her rules. - You can't let anyone tell you you belong or not. As long as you abide by the T&amp;C, just block &amp; ignore those bullies.

I will be there

hello i am from belgium

guess I missed it. I was looking forward for it though. but couldnt manage to make time. Hope it was great and looking for next one.

I am starting to see that the category for the Q&A are falling in... Less happiness now. "Suicide? family struggles? r a p e?" I mean what happened top Art and entertainment? Humor? World news? etc.

I am not sure how EP has turned out..?lol..! I've got a few questions though: 1)Why are kids from the age of 10 years old on here? 2)Why are pages constantly reloading everytime I answer any questions? 3)Why is EP allowing kids to post things about sex in confessions & q & a columns?

I wish durin my years of abuse, i could of found somewhere like this to vent my anger and find someone to talk to, why do people think if we BAN or CENSOR children talkin about sex, the abuse will stop.. it wont it just allows the preditors who abuse children a way of keeping there victims silenced. im livin proof of this.

i think ur attitude is so typical of most adults, u think if dont hear about it, or have to deal with it , and you think it will go away. well it never does.....

That's true denise12345, just because parents don't want to think they're children are thinking &amp; talking about sex they are, hiding it doesn't make their quest for knowledge disappear, it just makes them go somewhere else or experiment with the actual act to find out more about it. I think they should be able to post &amp; learn. Currently if they put their actual age, only other minors can look @ their profile. I have a fan that is 14 yet she chose 18-20 as her age because as she said, she's new &amp; chose the wrong thing. I explained to her how to fix it, she hasn't yet.

Thank you......Daw

I was not able to attend. From what I read, I probably would not have had much to contribute. 1. Mature content is not an issue for me. I don't participate in "mature" business i.e. if you want to make this a sex/hookup site, my interest will quickly diminish but if there are two member who wish to share content with each other, that is none of my concern.<br />
<br />
2. Trolls. Good luck getting rid of them. Best advice, don't feed them unless it is entertaining for you to do so. I have not yet had to block anyone on this site... but the log out and don't come back feature is fool proof. <br />
<br />
3. Adds and popups - in my opinion they ruin a site. But then I don't look at the financial aspect of it but here is truth through my eyes. I come here to have fun and waste time. If you charged a fee to come here, I would stop. There have been issues with spyware and this site... I think you have fixed them. If they come up again, I most likely will move on. <br />
<br />
4. Tokens. Not interested. Not into internet poking someone or sending someone flowers or whatever... Been here for a few months and just have not connected with anyone in that manner. Maybe its just me. The truth is that I am old school. I don't look for online relationships. Too many trolls... see above... and perverts....and children pretending to be adults and adults pretending to be children, and boys pretending to be girls and girls pretending to be boys and so on and so forth for that to be safe. It is fun for me to come on here and talk to people. I hope others enjoy talking to me. Thats pretty much the extent of it.

That's true about not being sure if people are who they say they are, its a gamble. That's also true in real life, people can be just as fake but in different ways. That's the drawback of interacting with other people, you never know who is genuine who is not. ••• I agree with DAW2012, if you use Firefox 14.0.1 you can chose to BLOCK popups whatever else you don't desire in the preferences section. Antivirus software is invaluable for everyone not just PC users, its like insurance on your home, you hope it won't burn down, but if it does, you're covered.

i missed it.>>>/,//

nice ideas, but for the ep supporters features, please dont take away normal features, just add new features for ep supporters

I can't believe you'd have this at such an inopportune time.....middle of a weekday? what gives.....You should try having one on a Saturday, at least.<br />
<br />
I am still a little annoyed at not being able to find the 'mature' and 'other' categories...have they been eliminated? and WHY...?? <br />
<br />
Would sure like to know!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to get in....could access and see chatters, but nothing I typed appeared. I did notice that at teh top of the page for me it said "anonymous" maybe I had not done something I was meant to...........

It was like that when they had that St. Patty's Day Lounge thing, instead of our profile names, it listed people as anonymous with #s @ the end to differentiate between members. I think that's part of the software &amp; not something you did yourself.

hulo,wat a nice wrk

Why did you disable my ability to comment? :(

yes keep up the good work . we really appreciate the excellent improvement work <br />
by EP team and particularly Arsineh who is always there to encourage the potential Epers to join such new forums

it would;d have been a fun and a great chance to fully enjoy the time . during the chat fot those lucky EPers who had the opportunity to get online and have all the exchange of ideas . and be apart of the first ever group chat . though i myself missed it due to my tight schedule however i hope to catch up with you guy sometime later /.

looking forward for the next session i missed this one...

I missed it. When is the next one?

Where do i post ma confesions,when i click stories or confesions all i see is other peoples stuff no place4me to post,

was in the class...:(....any how any change for betterment of ep is always welcome....:)...keep up the good work

I managed to watch, but it wouldn't let me participate.

Yes I know but nothing I typed in made it into the chat.

Sorry I had missed it also, but I am hoping to join in on the next one. Please let me know what date and time it will take place. Though we here in western Canada work on Mountian Standard Time where hopefully on the next chat I could connect with the group.

how can i set my profile private to anyone???? :(

thank u so much Sir :)

ty so much sir... u'r a big help :) yaay...

How do I get you to stop posting on my wall?

would really like to see being able to click on links that friends post also find a way to screen underage members, alot of them could be considered child **** with the pics they post. (exmple xxxevexxx) she was only 13 yrs old

Yeayr nn i bet u jacked off to her pic didnt that as close as an uvly bearded out of shape mofo like u gets

this is why we can;t get us chatt rooms ,silly chit like this :(

Nah bananaman its coz of pedophiles like u

I miss my dog Cornhole...dat wuz its name...i remember in the tent da first night i got gooey and slimy his then small doggy penis felt in my hand...and the time daddy caught us..he joined in i was scared but i guess he was into bulls before but now is all doggystyle...i miss that dog axidentally killed by leaving a butt plug up his bumb too long he couldnt poop and he died of crap poisoning

reported /flaged

Pity silverwolf didn't use that plug in his mouth.

U p.c rat goof bird.urone ugly broad

Wish I couldnt been there. Had a soccer game :/


*could've not couldnt xD

Listen bro, idk what your problem is but may you should take your own advice, kay? Thanks.

bannaman, you WAS in my circle.

Really eah bananaman is just mad coz he cant get a hot cougar like yo...only young bloodz like me can.wit a 9 inch peckker that dont stink of baby bum like urs

silverwolf.. seriously, go on somewhere -.-" no one is laughing.

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i feel very sad and it is disappointing once again that i was invited and than rejected from participating, i don't understand if you don't like me than just say so, it is cruel to hurt my feelings like this and for the 2nd time. If you don't like me than don't pretend to invite me and than not let me participate it is better if you just honestly say the truth rather than string m along. i don't know why you don't like me i never did anything bad to you?

it was your mouthwash...Wrong brand

Aggreed missigirly truly is one o d uglyest broads iv ever seen eh....all hail the mighty trolls

Is it possible to know ahead of time when the next chat corner will be?

I was not able to make it this chat corner as I was working. I would have made it if I wasn't. I am also new to the project and am still putting my feelers out. but I would love to get involved in as much as I can!


Unfortunately I wasn't able to connect, first there was an error and then the site wasn't found anymore, so I'm not able to tell about how it was as I was left out as other people too.

I do not sign in everyday. Signed in today and there was the invite, and it just happened to be going at the time. I didn't participate but noticed I was having problems navigating through the site. It took minutes to get from one thing to another. I finally signed out. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem??

The way it is, i always say, Arsineh is real ok . (And if some words don't sound the same, it's bcoz she never told me how to pronounce her name.)

The chat devolved into a mess with no control............It has to be limited by circle or other preset logical controllable group

EP is excellent.. There are all the virtues in this. Members have enough freedom to chat with their friends. The choice to block inconvenient members is a good facility.. I like every aspect of EP.

Sounds great! I didn't know about this until after the fact. I like the suggestion about putting comments about stories with the story. Velvetflow

Ooohhhhh, I missed it. Darn. Well I hope this feature will be offered again. Maybe next time send the notifications like a week in advance. I no longer visit everyday, yet I do still visit about once a week. I would like to participate next time.

Another thing is that I find it interesting that sometimes EP bans unoffensive avatars and yet allows full nudity avatars.<br />
I don't want to see full nudity avatars here, I can go elsewhere for that.

and sideways avatars we should hunt those people down and shoot them

when i click "view more responses" i keep seeing the same ones i already viewed. i'm really tired of this *sigh*

I want our names next to the groups we have created. The same as it used to be!<br />
It was nice and provided a sense of pride, and continuity.<br />
<br />
I want to get rid of the huge feed of redundant circle of circle activity gone. <br />
To have the option of seeing just MY friends' business, or none at all for that matter.

Absolutely, well said. I HATE that circle of groups listing. It takes up the entire page. I hate that my whiteboard is way @ the bottom next to my gifts. Before the new layout it was smaller &amp; less irritating. It discourages people from joining more groups because then the list just gets longer.

Thank you for your supporting comment!

I do MISS the old layout it was just better for a million and one reasons, so much more user friendly, logical and even the logo was prettier :)

I agree I don't like to see "Me" instead of my chosen name

Exactly! 'Me' ; isn't is just so grade schoolish or something infantile?
I mean seriously...

Please EP, put our actual user names where they belong~ next to comments and our created groups.

*Please and thanks. With crossed fingers and toes.....*

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It sounds like you had a really good meeting. Lots of very good ideas! Go for it EP.

I don't know if this is the place for this complaint but, I have reported before some time ago and it's still happening. Not always, but many times when I accesss a question, and before commenting on it, I find that the " Reply " foremat shows up for me with my user name and avatar. It is shown on the question many times and cannot be deleted. Makes it look like I've attempted to reply to many of the answers when I have not.

that's happened to me as well. a bit annoying.

That's a glitch. It comes &amp; goes.

yes it happened to me also...

First make chat free then make different rooms...<br />
Kid Chat with exclusions by age of pervs and monitored to ensure they are kept out<br />
Preteen Chat same as above<br />
Teen Chat same as above<br />
Young adult chat......... less restrictive<br />
Over 20s Chat<br />
Over 30s Chat<br />
Over 40s Chat<br />
Over 50s Chat<br />
Then get into interests like <br />
Literature<br />
Music<br />
Poetry<br />
Gay Chat<br />
Lesbian Chat<br />
etc........... And allow members to form their own chat rooms<br />
Have supporters as monitors of the rooms<br />
If a trouble maker just won't stop harassing another member give the monitor the right to warn and kick that person out for a cool down period<br />
If the same person continues to harass allow deletion of their account........... we don't need them anyway<br />
<br />
This was the format with Prodigy Chat and it worked quite well

I don't know if I agree w/limited a chat for my age group. I think I'd like to speak w/many aged members, not just those in my age group, then its too much like a high school reunion. I do agree with separating by topics of interest ie: Traveling, Friendship, Depression, Like to tell Jokes etc ... Just like EP groups are separated by interest.

4vrunique I don't know your age............. but I said nothing about your chat being limited............. I am saying those of your age might have more in common thus you have a place of your own... monitored to ensure your safety. This doesn't mean you would not be able to travel through others but be aware if you are under 18 there may be those adults who would rather you not be in an adult room for the simple reason that they would have to be more mindful of what they say and also because there are officers of the law who try to lure people into inappropriate behavior whith those who appear to be under aged...... It just complicates matters.

I just saw your age.................... you would not be limited as an adult......... it just shows you what age the majority of those in the room would be

what about those pervy 20 year old girls who want to chat with those recently bathed over 50 set?

......OMG we should ban those girls right!?!?!

the teen rooms would be midde age men trying to pick up on kids ... just like on aol and yahoo

Adults can go where ever they please..................... they see Over 50s chat and that indicates the majority of people within the room

that is the reason for the monitors..... on Prodigy they had the ability to ghost themselves and watch the chat........ if it turned to adult talk the person was deleted for live

There could be an automatic gateway that identifies by age the person entering as a first protection followed by the monitors

Bob trying to pick up Emily who is listed as 14 but really is Elmo who is bald, fat and 54! LOL

ROTFLMAO....................... and Elmo wears a badge............................. smiles

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Create an alter ego solution... To keep ppls kinks private, out of others face & others out of ppls buisness during intelectual discussions?

How would they do that?

Have a adult themes portal, same sign in- but then its only visible when or others hit that link

I think we should get video chat


Multiple chats with one marked as suggestions.... One for freaks one gor moralists? To keep them occupied? lol

Android app please... Maybe with link for evernote? Maybe even tapatalk?

when will the next happen

Specific Date, not just in two weeks would be appreciated.

Sorry I missed the discussion but they all sound like good ideas. Keep us posted about the results and the next one. I love this site and the fact that you listen to the users. Wish I could do more for you guys. Thanks for everything you do!

yes I would like to add the EP should put in more features for email use,a way to sort out your email and be able to find a pacific email from another user and be able to delete messages by 10's or 15's at a time,it is very fustrating having to delete them one by one.<br />
<br />
Also having more noticeable quizes,questions and answers. More features for nonpremium members please.<br />
<br />
Thank you <br />

Specific. - Yes, a function to find mail from a specific member would be a great option. BTW you can delete many messages at once. Just click the box next to the message, you don't even need to go into that message. Then click delete, poof all gone.