More Fun For The Story Writers

Hello EP,

This is a suggestion for the Stories section of EP, it's always seemed like a bit of a ghost town there, it can take literally months to have anyone comment on a story (or maybe that's just my stories lol).

It seems people are just not naturally compelled write a comment on a story (and say what? Nice Story Bro?), but EP's QA has shown that people LOVE to answer questions.  Perhaps there could be an extra line at the bottom of the story editor that asks the writer if they would like a pose a question to the reader (eg What do you think I should have done?  Has this ever happened to you too? Does this diaper make my butt look big? Does anyone even care about my story?!?!)

Having a feed of these questions on the story section (similar to Q/A but perhaps more categorised to avoid the randomness/scat) could prompt more interaction for the story writers.   I suspect a lot of new people leave EP because they share an experience in the hope of connecting to similar-minded people and don't receive responses as fast as they hoped.

Hope it's useful, Keep up the great work!
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do you have an army? lol

You want feed back. I get that.

To share a poem or something you have ownership of is not something I want to put in right now. Obtaining a copy-write is not cheap. However I do share jokes and humor I receive via emails.
I wrote an extremely sensual poem for my 'at the time' boyfriend and posted it here. When they were doing the reformat. THEN E.P. announced they were compiling a book to be sold...that we found out later we could purchase... Lets just say, I hope I removed my poem in time.

What's this book?

I see your an oldie like me....likes your suggestion ....I agree. It was so much better in the old days!

So well put !

With you on this, would even go so far as to lock out story and question posting for anyone who has not done a fair share of feedback.

I want more comments on my stories, past stories as well as future ones; I generally get very few (comments); I'm glad at least it's very common for story writers in general and not just me. I was worried for a while but discovered it's normal.

Brilliant idea

I just wrote a post in reference to something I think about this. I think its cause the arrows are missing from the stories. People will read more stories if they can go forward and backward. It takes too much work and time to cruise story titles and decide whether to read. Thats just my take on it. But I agree…EP storydom does seem to be more of a ghost town.

I like your story. It is always fun to hear an honest opinion from a reader. I have been working on a romance story "Pamela Starts Anew" I got some very direct comments from my first attempt (romance stories are not usually a guy thing) and have been using them to rewrite the story. I hope when I put it back up on EP that I will get more guidence from readers. It is heartwarming and fun and helpful. We are all here to find something and a good honest response is a reward.

Hah! This made me smile. Thanks for sharing this with me. It's a very interesting idea and one I'm going to be discussing with our developers. We're currently working on question prompts to help members share stories and it only makes sense to have something similar to help members comment on stories.

The problem is unless you are a member with hundreds of friends, the visibility of a story depends on what group you post it in. For me that is a huge incentive to avoid posting in a fledgling group which might be the best fit rather than a big group which is a looser fit for it. If some way could be found to give more promotion to new groups and groups with few members that would be great.

Interesting point to bring up. I agree.

I must agree! It seems that there is no insentive to write or comment on stories written any more, (which never used to be the case). This is a really simple and (I think) a really effective idea. Great post!

Um yes the diaper does make the butt look a little big....<br />
<br />
Sorry I'm a little sassy tonight :-) <br />
<br />
In seriousness I do like the suggestion

You deserve alot of acknowledgement , encouragement . I Love to write .., I write because I love to write, no-one really ever incourages me, notices me and here I am desperate for a job as well as to have my writing to be noticed and then payed to do what it is I Love to do. I am soul- sick that I am in the state of poverty and ruin and one ever gives us an ounce of attention. <br />
When there were fewer people in the world ( I am 67) we had more readers at that time, people were just beginning to open up , well early 60's , the fifties were the Cleaver families, or Malcome in the Middle or , Rosanne , the fifties was Ralf Cranden. And when "All in the Family" was born it was to weed us of the bigots, still the fifties reisided at the corner bar , fifties was alive and still is as for mother nature to take it's course and realize "Rome wasn't built in a day" , I appreciate your writing , keep on keepin on....Thanks