I Wish You Guys Would Fix Things Instead Of Breaking Them


I posted on June 28th, in this group, that the tokens weren't being updated properly. EPArsineh replied that it would be looked into. Here we are at August 11th, and I just had the same exact problem again--I received a notice that I had received two tokens but the number of tokens displayed on my screen have not increased.

Apparently, instead of fixing a reported bug, your developers are too busy trying to create new experience GUIs that are ridiculously non-user friendly, and memory hogs, to boot.  I use Firefox and have seen my computer's memory usage soar into the stratosphere when opening more than one experience at a time. When I close the tabs, the memory usage drops a bit, but does not come down to a reasonable level until I close and reopen my browser. This is called a memory leak--please plug it.  (And don't try to pull the "well, we're compatible with Internet Explorer" response, because there are, in fact, two other VERY widely used browsers and many people wouldn't touch that piece of garbage with a ten-foot pole while wearing a haz-mat suit.)

I have to say, I was a lot more impressed with the 'old' new experience and user pages than I am with the current ones.

The current experience pages have--for some reason I can't fathom--removed the following features that used to be available:

  • Forward/back navigation so that you can go from one story to the next without having to go back to the main group first.

  • Who 'liked' my story, so that I know who my fans are

  • Appropriate memory management of the resources (as mentioned above)

The user pages have the following problems or missing features:

  • Missing the board-to-board option on the Whiteboard. How can I see a conversation in context--barring a lot of rigamarole--without it?

  • Can't see my comments on stories unless I've just commented on one: That's the only time I can find a link that allows me to see them (using the previous story GUI design, which had it's problems, but at least I could see the information).

  • Can't see another user's comments on stories at all: Seeing someone's comments is as important as being able to see their stories, with respect to making a determination on the person's compatibility with you as a friend.

  • Story lists in a (non-re-sizable) scrollable pane that is too long to fit on my screen: Who on earth decided that THAT was a good idea? That just makes it harder to manipulate what you're seeing because you have to use two scrollbars to bring something into view instead of one. Please, either go back to paging the information or just make one long list that I can view by using my browser's scrollbar.

  • Whiteboard comments AND gestures AND gifts showing up on my whiteboard: Why? What purpose is served by having the three separate functions merged into one display?

  • Filtering problems: I've gone to view a user's page and selected the list of 'mutual' groups that we share, only to find groups listed that I know I don't belong to, evidenced by the Join Group button right next to them.

  • No notification of new fans: They show up in the list when I check it, but there is no flag letting me know I *should* check it.

And this editor window (whatever you call it--the one with the bold, underline, smiley options) isn't re-sizeable.

You know, every time I consider becoming an EP supporter, you guys go and do something to make me reconsider.  I'm a software engineer by profession and it's a pretty standard practice to make a developer actually test their software updates to make sure they work--and are satisfactory to the end users--before forcing them on the general public.  You know--like you did with the previous major upgrade?  Letting people upgrade to the beta version while still being able to use the old version for a while?  I suggest you embrace this policy as gospel before making any more "upgrades".

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Well, over a week since I posted and still no sign of EPSupport. I think that about sums up what they think of us.<br />
<br />
On the plus side, I'll note that I'm now getting flagged that I have new fans and that my Stories display is back to the old version--which shows my comments as well as my stories (I previously noted that the format does still need work, but at least the info is there). It's too early to tell whether the memory leak has been plugged and I haven't checked out all the other issues, but at least there's a step that's been taken in the right direction.

If you have not yet....you might want to copy and paste all of your stories to an external for safe keeping...

Oh, I write my stories (the good ones, anyway--those that are more than a paragraph) in Word and save them before posting them here. But I don't believe I've violated any of EP's TOS, so there shouldn't be any problems.

Haz Mat suit, Girl.... I almost fell out of my chair. Remember when they used a ten foot pole. That is Pre Haz-Mat suits. ;-)

Oh, I remember. Unfortunately, some waste is just too toxic for the ten-foot pole to provide sufficient protection any more. :(

Well, EPSupport got a reprieve since I was off for a couple of days. But it seems that they really don't care enough to actually acknowledge the problems they've created for everyone. Surprise, surprise.

Good post.<br />
<br />
"I have to say, I was a lot more impressed with the 'old' new experience and user pages than I am with the current ones." Agree!<br />
<br />
I certainly agree about Internet Explorer. It is a disgrace. I have used many browsers, and nearly all of them are far superior to IE.

I see that EP hasn't responded to this post..You have so many good points, they should have answered by now. I also found that spell check doesn't work anymore for me.. .it says the ' link is broken'. Are you getting that problem too? Even if they haven't a quick answer, say so. Ignoring a post makes members angry.

I'll give them until Tuesday morning before I start to get pissed off--everyone is entitled to a weekend break. But they have ignored my posts before. You'd think they'd be trying to make more non-supporters happy if they want a chance to make more money, though. I hadn't actually tried the spell-checker until I just read this. I'm a pretty decent speller to begin with, so I don't normally have to rely on one. I'm not seeing the same issue in Firefox, so might it be that it's not compatible with your browser? Or, maybe like my too-big scrolling pane issue, someone fixed it just after you posted, even if they didn't bother to answer you? I agree 100%--I hate when I bother to post an issue to EP and it gets ignored (like the token issue--six weeks and counting). Thanks for chiming in on this!!

Thanks Trystaog. I use google..Internet Exploror, version 8..spell check has worked all these years since 2007..Yep, they tweaked something . EP never responded to my inquiry I ask them 2 times ..they need to hire more techs...:&gt;(

Any time. I hope someone from EP reads all the comments here. Better GUIs = more satisfied users = more EP supporters = MORE MONEY! Upgrade (n.): Take old bugs out, put lots of new bugs in... *sigh*

Thanks Trysta! I wish I had seen this before making my post. Of course..because the forward and backward navigation buttons are missing…I didn't see this post. GRRRR. <br />
<br />
Your points are all valid and much better said than I could have said them. I haven't read the comments yet…but am hoping that someone responds to you.

Well, if they get the same information multiple times, it will just hammer the message home. Thanks for bringing up the issue with them and touching base here!

I haven't looked into it with the level of detail that YOU obviously have, but I do find the new interface cumbersome, and frustrating at times. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, they should have just fixed the problems they had. (sigh) EP seems to be following the Micro-squish model of coming up with something "new and improved", which actually just sucks more than the old one. Oh well...

I don't feel that I've looked into it with much detail at all--I just got frustrated enough to finally let them know I'm not happy. Thank you for chiming in. If enough people do it, maybe they'll fix the problems.