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So I was just cruising the Q&A and a question about flagging came up. It was about if you have ever been flagged.
And I have no idea.
Now we all know I whizz excellence, and never offend anybody, but on the off chance that I did, I think I would like to know about it.
So I was wondering if we could get that counter added.  It could be right there with total points, tokens, and profile views.
The bonus here is that if I were to say something and my flag count started to rise, it may cause myself (or those darned trouble makers) to delete the offending post, or edit it so that it is less offensive.
In addition, if we knew how many flags would cause us to be suspended, red dotted, banned, or put in EP jail... Knowing where we are at might improve peoples behavior if they knew they were close to those limits.
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9 Responses Aug 11, 2012

Sigh, just another good idea ignored since Amanda left :(

What happened to Amanda ?

No idea. I asked.... they didn't respond to that either.

You whiz excellence? I admit I did not know this was possible. Anyway...that's a good suggestion. Perhaps being unaware of the offense is in itself part of the problem.

exactly. And of course I can!

oh and you should be able to buy yourself out of ep jail.. or have a trial by 12 of your ep peers.

oh and just like internet cookies a flag should have a life span. so after 6 months they dissolve themselves.

Sounds like a very good idea to me!

I think this is a great idea!

am already planning on........ nevermind- i'll tell u over pm

Now I'm intrigued!

i love this idea.

thanks for bringing this up. i got flagged for a question a year ago and i am still unable to have full access to the q&a section. i used to get a minimum of 10-20 answers per question, now it is typically 2-3 and those are from friends. how do i undue this injustice? only god and ep arsineh know the answer to this question. anon flaggers and automated suspensions are akin to electronic tyranny!!! there will be a revolution on ep.. and all those traitors of the ep republic will be virtually hung by the neck until dead.

Didn't you post a Q a little while ago that I was the only person to answer? If so then you aren't in jail because I'm not in your circle ans saw it on the main Q&A board.

interesting.. you are not in my circle and you don't have a red dot, so am i to believe that my questions have all just gotten terrible over the last year? i am not sure what to think really.

It would be nice to know if you've been flagged. I also wondered what happens to flagged posts and stories. Also does ep tell you if you've been blocked by someone?

That's good to know... Can somebody block you from replying to their story, but you can still see their profile? Just curious :-)