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Perhaps I'm missing something.

I used to be able to go to a group. And read…that groups stories. Clickin on the newest story and going backward using an around down toward the middle/bottom of the page. I could click on any story and either go forward by date or back. Now I can't. I find it disconcerting that when I want to read a groups story activity I have to click on an individual story. Read that story and then go back to the group and click on a new story. Am I doing something wrong or did the arrows disappear?
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So…I got mail from EP saying they've improved the site. Sigh. Told me they wanted to make it more accessible. Still not. I miss those page forward arrows….I really do. I want to be able to browse…not have to search and click and search and decide.

I agree that what made the arrows useful was having a one click option to quickly page through stories, however we wanted to give members some additional information to limit their clicking and get them to the stories they care about most, more quickly. <br />
<br />
That's why we've added a list of the next 5 stories in this group, on the top right hand corner of any story you're viewing. You can read the title and pick and choose were you go next, or just keep choosing the one at the top of the list to 'next' through all the stories.

@Arsineh…if you don't mind me pointing out…that box has always been there. Its nothing new. Either you and the developers are not readers or you like working extra hard to accomplish a task. I don't know which it is. All I know is the way it is now…makes it MORE difficult to read the stories of a particular group. I do NOT WANT to browse stories….and then choose..based on a title. Just saying.

It seems like EP is trying to repurpose itself. I don't know.

thanks for pointing out what was going on had been on and off so much that I have been lost. thinking i was missing something and I was. ............

Yeah. The arrows are gone. Doesn 't it feel like all the stories are being posted on dead end streets now?

YES!!! that is exactly how it feels.