what if EP gets rid of the Anonymous posing Avi's on the Confession board?

I'll just tell EP that People already abuse them enough, and EP is actually Anonymously site anyways, so why wear another pair of Anon sheets?

I'm not really concern about these little punks but people are getting sick and tired of them because the only blame would be Anonymous Confession.

So go Anon and not going Anon doesn't make any differences, but the only problem is people hide behind a blank face and bash others.
NoLifeOnEP NoLifeOnEP
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1 Response Aug 12, 2012

Thanks for sharing this post and bringing up a few concerns. <br />
<br />
We encourage members to choose their own avatar and personalize their profile. You can encourage new members to upload an avatar too, however EP is meant to be a comfortable and welcoming space. Some new members are shyer than others and need to get a better idea of what EP is all about before they'll fill out their about me section or upload an image. You can help this process by reflecting the positive values of the community and being welcoming.<br />
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As for bullying, this is certainly not something we'll tolerate on EP--doesn't matter if it's being posted anonymously under confessions, we'll take steps to remove or ban the individual as needed. You may feel like doing away with anonymous confessions would erase this problem but the truth is there are many who benefit greatly from having an anonymous outlet to share and vent and we don't want to take this feature away from all those who benefit because of a few who don't respect our community rules. Instead we'd rather remove the few, and that's why community flagging is so important.