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I opened an EP account in 2010 and i love it. Found good friends but couple of weeks ago, someone hacked into the account and changed the password as well as the email address. I've contacted EP Support and informed me about the new owner, using different email add.

Is that easy, people just hack into other profile & take them away from you?
ab2x2 ab2x2 41-45, M 2 Responses Aug 12, 2012

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Wtf? I've never seen this problem on EP before has this happened more than once...?

i've no idea but it happened to me!

I hope this never occurred again...if so you should contact me since I know other supporters who can assist you with regaining control...people will stoop to anything to wreck someone's security here -_- sorry this happened must've sent you into cardiac arrest!

it seems that person, after took control over my profile left the account became inactive. That's good thing. Hey, you shoud offer your experties to EP to improve the security!:)

LOL I am no expert...just looking out for the EP community! =P
Take care, block, flag and ignore all oppositions.
EP is what you make of it right? ;)

hahaha..yeah..that's about it.

:) Awesome avi btw, forget which clone that one is...!

it's Bobba Fett in Star Wars saga...:)

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Security and protecting our members is a priority. We've taken steps to make log in pages secure and are constantly working to make additional improvements to provide additional security.<br />
<br />
That said, we ask members to help protect themselves by making sure to log out of their account when they are using a public computer in a public space. <br />
<br />
We don't take such a report lightly. We'll be contacting you directly so that this is addressed promptly.

it happened over the weekend. i don't use public pc and i'm pretty sure i log off before it happens. strangely ep support informed me that the accounts was owned by someone else using a yahoo account. perhaps EP may have a log for the changes made on the email account and the password.