Hello My Friends On Experience Project

Hello my friends,
I just popped in
to say Hello,
how was your day?
Did anyone greet you
with a nice word to send
you on your way.
When you got home.
Did anyone tell you that
You are special.
That You are God's chosen Bride.
God sees He hears
God knows all the very hairs on your head.
You are a Royal priesthood.
When you walk down the road
and you feel helpless, Don't
For the father sees all your tears
of sadness and all your Years of pain.
The Father waits for you.
As if You were the only one
Why not give your life to him.
And believe me when I say this.
You will not regret it no not ever...
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56-60, F
2 Responses Aug 13, 2012


Aww. . . you are so sweet Woman. I just wished you've posted this elsewhere. Really. <br />
But thanks for the wonderful reminders.^^