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Adult Supervision

I've been on this site for a few months and I "think" I understand what the creators are trying to produce and I applaud them for it. Correct me if I'm wrong, EP is all about sharing what experiences someone has been through or is going through. Topic is irrelevant, right?

Well the main issue I have is it's lacking structure. It's a chocolate mess. It's difficult to know if it's a serious question or some random "drama" question. The experience part is getting lost in the clutter.

One suggestion in the questions part: there needs to be some adult supervision.
spooky8 spooky8 41-45, M 7 Responses Aug 16, 2012

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I've been in Chat a long time. I've never felt like Admin was Never around til here.

I completely agree with these. The administrators need to see this story! Thumbs up!

supervision? foolish....just let people think and write and explore....structure is not want to bring a shovel...when a pad of paper and a pen or just thoughts will are a strange one, indeed...2011A bids you a good day.

i like the site but i hate how people can turn a regular question into something nasty and that you cant get rid of there answers. it needs a little filtering still, but the sight is pretty cool still..minus those stupid dating adds

totally agree on that!

With all due respect, anything can be converted from its intended use. Pesticide can be used to make biological weapons, an aerosol can with a lighter can become a flame thrower. Now am I saying the arguments are not valid? No, but remember what drove the internet to become what it is today was both military and ***********. If you do your research, you'll find that drove the market. So yes we have endless deviants and predators but remember we live in a society where sex and anything related to it are still extremely taboo. Unless we address alot of things more openly and make sex less of a forbidden subject, we'll never see real progress in the sicko department. Some can be treated, others can't.

Ok, we are a long way from 1995...there are ways to do all those things and do it constructively. Otherwise, a free for all becomes a waste of time.

To clarify, by adult supervision, I mean this site should have active moderators, just like other forums, and those forums select volunteers.