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Whenever I'm perusing the page to create a group, a new group I notice may catch my eye and I can never catch the group to join it. It's hard because when the thing pause, it doesn't really pause. It just stops for like a second or two before new groups scroll down it. It's so annoying. I liked it better when new groups had their own page and/or when we were able to search for a group (through the search engine) rather than this new scroll.
I don't like how fast it goes, I don't like that it doesn't stop or pause properly and would like it removed for a new idea. Am I the only one who feels like this?
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The list is supposed to pause as long as your mouse is over the list.

Thanks, EPLoren, didn't know that but will give it a try.

Thanks for letting us know. Sounds frustrating and I'm going to talk to our developers about improving this feature. <br />
<br />
In the meantime, you can still search for groups by using the search toolbar on the site header.

OK, EPArsineh, I hope you'll seriously consider it. I don't like looking for groups using the site's header search toolbar because not everything comes up like they do when I write down the experience.

No your not. At least a pause button to stop the action.

That's a great idea that I like.

It would help, but the first version was better. I don't even use that silly thing. Too much of a pain in the ***, Mine!

So true! I try to avoid it when I can but if I have an idea for a group, I like to create it.

If I am going to do anything I just write a story and call it good. What ideas for groups have you had? PM me if you wish.

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