I have my settings to private but yet found my stories and confessions out on Google. Disturbing, very disturbing. This is supposed to be a discreet site. Please fix this so that discreet settings mean just that, discreet
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Oh lordy, Ever...alarming heads up! Thank you.

I could not agree more EVER!

Anything shared on public sites that can be crawled by search engines will appear in search results.<br />
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There is not reason for alarm--but instead an opportunity to be better informed and to help protect yourself.<br />
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EP asks members to select a username that does not identify you as an individual. Your EP account is only linked to your username so as long as you don't share personal info like your name and contact information within the stories/confessions you share, you will not be linked to your account.<br />
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I hope this helps clear up some confusion. Thanks for bringing up your concern and helping us address something others may have been confused by as well.

Without Google many would not have found this site. It is a business it does need to advertise.<br />
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Sure, these things may show up but it's highly unlikely anyone would identify you and unless you've been silly enough to use your usual tag they can't outright Google your name which is when most of this shows up.<br />
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Besides all a person needs to do is take 5 minutes to sign up and the whole of EP land is open to them. There really is no such thing as privacy on the interwebs.

yikes! mine are there too! but then again, had other ep stories and confessions not shown up in my Google search I would have never accidentally found this site.