The Price Of Gifts

With the introduction of the 'token' instead of points (which are incredibly difficult to earn, unlike the points which in my opinion was a much better option), how is it that you can justify the price of gifts? 10 tokens for 1 gift is outragous, and hardly worth the effort to earn (unlike the point system) .

I have over 52,000 points, but just over 240 tokens, which works out to be roughly 216 points per token. Is that really fair? Come on, give us some insentive to be a part of this site!
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Now now don't be negative. Contribution is a gift in and of itself to a lot of people who read your words. Don't you think you're words mean something when they're read? Don't you think you mean something hell man you are a gift!<br />
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"She said Yoo Hoo..." <br />
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"I recruit, I improve I approve"--Adrian Miles, (remember him, Eve!!!)

Tokens in the past could only be purchased--today members are rewarded free tokens for their activity on the site and for making positive contributions.<br />
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You mentioned that you have 52,000 points BUT keep in mind that is your total accumulated points (all the points you've earned since joining EP) in the past you have used many of these points. Those that were unused were converted to tokens.<br />
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As you contribute to the site you will earn more tokens. There are still many free gifts available in the giftshop, in fact there are more free gifts today then we've had in the past. <br />
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Hope this help clear things up.