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I know the title may be a bit confusing. And more than likely this has already been addressed. But let me put forth my thoughts.
Like others, I get a  lot of friend request. Some I look over and I want them as a friend. No problem there. Other I look over and I see nothing in common with them, or their choices of boards is not where I would i would be. Still others offer no data about them nor have written anything leading  one to get a feel or how they are.
That said , I also believe it is unfair to them for me to keep them in my fan folder.I am not going to friend them and I'm not a fan of theirs. If they are with me perhaps it's some infatuation the have with my avatar or something I wrote. But there should be a way for me to un-fan them.
Should I request freindship from someone and I don't an answer  I can drop them grom my circles. Why can't i do the same in reverse. The only option one has now is t block them, and they have done nothing to warrant being blocked. Perhaps in a year or two the may have matured and we have a lot in common. But I will never know unless i unblock them.
The same applies in reverse. If I request friendship I've done nothing to be blocked. Just unfan me. A disclainer could even be sent outby EP.
"The one you have requested to follow(XXXXXX) has declined to accept your friendship ATM.You are not being blocked, per se, from seeing or reading (XXXXXX's) material and perhaps at a later date you may become friends.It is recommended that you comment and offer opinions to(XXXXXX) on their experiences." End of disclaimer.
It should be made easy, one click, to unfriend someone once they have been added as a friend. I've never had to do this, but i am told it is very difficult to do.
MAKE THE SITE USER FRIENDLY! Not everyone likes menu-driven programs and not everyone is a computer wiz!
Thank you for listening. I hope some changes are made and quickly.
Elandra77 Elandra77 56-60 2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

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Thank you for sharing this. We are working to improve the friending process on EP and will be discussing your feedback with our developers.

ThankYou. I 'm glad to see the site and site administrators consider this an issue to be discussed.

you and the developers have been discussing this forever and nothing has happened *sigh* there should have been a way to remove people from your circle long ago.

I don't know who "I and the developers " are. I don't work for EP and have no affiliations with them other than being a member. If they would offer me a job I would work for them on a freelance basis. But I know frustration with a system will drive folks away. Slowly, at first. But it will drive them away.

sorry for the confusion, elandra, but my last response was meant for eparsineh :)

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I've thought about this. I have about 40 or 50 "fans" who have never attempted to contact me, never written any comments or messages to me, have no reason to friend me and don't even return my standard "Hello" message I send out to all my friends. When I unfriend them for not contacting me back I don't want to block them but I don't want to have a 5 page fan list. It's ridiculous. Just send the message. That's a great idea. Maybe then they'll realize that to be on my list you need to have some interest in communicating with me. I'm not going to send you an invite if I don't intend to speak to you.

The disclaimer message, while it may hurt some folks, would not be as punitive as a block. Glad you liked the idea. I hope they act on it.

You only have to block for minute or two then un block but would be easier if had button for both unfriend and then click again to un fan.or just click to unfan if not going to be friends.