Please Let Us Send U R L S, Especially Experience Project U R L s Without The Filter Acting Up

I will renew a request I have made repeatedly in this group. Please reset the EP filters. At present they often block a whiteboard post or a personal message if it contains a URL. Recently I have experienced this with whiteboard scribbles. Last night I was able to get a personal message through only after dealing with the URL contained in it. That's a bit of an improvement : in the past I found that once the filter blocked a message no amount of alteration would enable it to get through the filter..

As I have noted before, EP has rules banning spam, ***********, and the like. It does not make sense for EP filters to be operating with a default assumption that a page on EP is in violation of those rules rather than in conformity to them. Isn't it logical that when EPeeps communicate they want to call each other's attention to the things they have posted?

conceptualclarity conceptualclarity
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Our spam filter can be triggered by non-EP links. To help relax our filters, become friends with the member you are messaging.

As the title of my story and the reference to default settings indicated, the URL that was blocked last night was an EP page. I believe that the great majority of EP members would agree with enna30 when she said : "I find it annoying beyond words when trying to recommend an article, a book, a YouTube doco or whatever,and EP decides I'm trying to do something "evil"!" I believe EP should not preferentially assume bad faith rather than good faith in its members. After all, spammers are effectively dealt with by flagging.