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Blah,blah Hey Hey

Blah,Blah,hey hey,This isn't a story you may say/But the last one that I posted/Disappeared,it was toast-ed.Yep.Whats the matter bunky.Spend three hours writing a story,and when you hit POST,you are told you need to be loggedin to do that?Of course the story is toast,fried,a memory.How could I have written a story,if I were NOT already logged in?Can't post em from my home page.I'm sick,and more than a bit angry.Why bother;that old black magic,the EP glitch struck again...I'll write my next one On hard copy...regular paper.This presuPposes there will be a next time.
spyglass123 spyglass123 41-45, M 2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

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Maybe if you get a good autofill that will help. I used Roboform and didn't like it. Now I have LastPass and I really like it.

You do need to compose a long post off EP. I open up an e-mail to do it. Hopefully some day that will no longer be necessary.

How do you send a ,say g-mail to your EP account? I am new to this,and perhaps I have missed something,which wouldn't be a surprise.I will look into auto fill as well.Thanks for the constructive suggestions!

I don't know that you can send an e-mail to your EP account. I just copy and paste the content I composed in the e-mail.

Thanks for sharing this. We're going to investigate to and make neccessary changes to make sure this doesn't happen in the future.

Please click on your username on the top right hand corner and choose 'my stories' then select 'my drafts'--Does your story appear there?

No....Ichecked stories,draftsetc.Once I was forced to re-log in it had vapoorized!