Hi EP,
I am wondering if you can please have a look at the following suggestions for improvement:

When replying to a story comment and needing to edit it, the box is very small. Today I attempted to edit a spelling error, and the box is so tiny it was hard to manouevre in. If this was made larger, it would be very helpful.

I am still having (and have emailed EP three times with screen shots over the past month) an issue with huge lettering as I view the site. I was told that this was a glitch, and that for some reason it was the iphone setting. It has still not been fixed and it’s frustrating to have to scroll around constantly back and forth to read a single comment or to see my homepage. I am using the latest version of Firefox.

When leaving a story comment (for the past few days) there are either no paragraphs breaks, or HUGE ones if I go back in and add them. This obviously makes any comment left squished/difficult to read, or very long.

Thanks for reading this and taking a look :-)
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Some days I think EP just gives me the run around because....because the buggers know I should really be working !!

Now this cracked me up..... ! Yes.. I am working on school stuff and am popping back in ;-p Good thing I don't have a boss that can walk in on me though...

Good thing I'm not your boss either...hee hee *Oooh the mind does overtime* Remember "Do as I say not as I do !"

I am laughing... you crack me up Bree. Hey it would be fun if you were my boss!

Thanks for sharing these suggestions. We'll work with our engineers to increase the edit box size to make editing easier. <br />
<br />
As for line breaks within comments this is a bug that our engineers are currently working to track. It seems it's an issue on all iphones.<br />
<br />
Sorry you're having trouble with text size on your iphone. This issue seems to be specific to your phone and settings. I did a google search for your issue and found this:

Hi Arsineh, thank you. I should clarify - I am using my laptop, not an iphone when all of these issues occur. For some reason, when I sent a screenshot, I was told that it was a glitch and that the iphone setting was appearing instead of what should be a regular, standard viewing screen. It has not been fixed in over a month.

Good point RR, sometimes I write a comment in that box and it either doesn't go thru or looks so wonky I delete it and write it in the big box......

If you could spell needed or manouevre they might give a ****. Or were they the words you wanted to correct?

BWHAHAHA that's what you meant! See? Fixed

Well what's the problem then? Check mate.

New game, Rover...

Same game, new balls.

Ooo you grabbed some!

Ace. 120 mph.

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Nothing could be more iriating than the screen adds that constantly chase me around on EP...especially bad on the IPhone!!! Grrrr! I'm with you on the small print corrections too! Hate to say it but the site is getting increasingly frustrating! dc

Yes, the glitches seem to take quite awhile to fix as well. You might try an ad blocker to help with some of those pop ups, I know how frustrating they can be.