Buttons Not Working

The buttons for notifications (new mail, new friends, notifications about other things) and "Sign In" and at least the "Reply" button in story comment threads. When I click on them nothing happens, they don’t open up. These are the things I tried to use today that don't work.

However, I am able to access the notification and sign-in pages, in the meantime, by right-clicking to get a pop-up menu and selecting "open". Not the case with "Reply". (Another way I got the sign-in page was by clicking "MDenise's Profile on Experience Project" on the list of frequent pages (for my computer) on the drop-down list at the website address bar; I was sent straight to the sign-in page.) And I may be able to go to my mail and friends pages from the menu on the left side of my profile.

I was unable to publish a status, also. I typed it in the box and then tried pressing Enter, but, as with the buttons, nothing happened, and my status was not saved when I checked.

Is this happening with anyone else?

Now the "Post" button to post this story wouldn't work at first.
MDenise MDenise
31-35, F
2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Thanks for letting us know you're having trouble. Though this is the only report we've received about this issue, we want to make sure to investigate and have this sorted out for you right away.

To help us track the issue, please tell me when it started and which browser/version you're using.

Problems here isn't a surprise to (Me) anymore. I've given up on this Site. The people running this site are on Drugs. And have a mental problem running this Site. They way they try fixing things is change the Problem from what works, make it not work, while then making what didn't work, work less. It's a Form of Regression and Placebo Operation is what is happening here. I still see the things I wanted 2 years ago just gone, instead of being fixed.