Does Flaggings Things Actually Work?

i have flagged a few things in my time on EP but nothing ever changes. Pictures dont change, underage members ages dont change etc?? is there any point?
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

It seems to me like staff have their priorities in the wrong place when it comes to the Experience Project. Instead of making changes we don't want (or at the very least don't need straight away), I think their focus should be instead be directed at cleaning this site up. It never used to be such an unsafe site to be on, but with the increase in user's, the staff has really lost control. We flag and flag as we are instructed to, but they aren't followed up quick enough, and if/when it is the damage is already done.
Priorities need to be looked at when it comes to EP. Instead of making changes to get new user's, you should be looking at protecting the ones you already have, before it's too late.

i know how you feel. it seems that flagging accomplishes nothing but i have seen ep remove inappropriate content, pics, etc. just yesterday they removed a *********** story that i flagged a few times.