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Discussions about sex and erotica are one thing. .. but when you have literally dozens of groups of people whose only thoughts are about sex and their profiles feature nothing but sex then it goes from enticing to speculative to repetitive... with ludicrous not being far behind. Just exactly how many groups on this forum talk about sex? 
JohnnieGirl5 JohnnieGirl5 18-21, F 7 Responses Sep 20, 2012

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There are loads of groups mostly about sex and that is because most people live very sexually repressed lifestyles. Those of us who explore are sexuality avidly often find it difficult to express ourselves openly in our normal peer groups. For instance my wife and I have a very open loving relationship and we are both bisexual. We enjoy making love to each other and occasionally others while we also enjoy having sex with lots of different people with very little love involved (sometimes first names don't get a start). And we share this with each other and a very small group of special friends, but we are very discreet about it because we live in a fairly prosperous small town that is dominated by mining and agriculture. When I go to work, I cannot let on that I am bisexual because at best I would be completely ostracized and at worst, I might not ever make it above ground again. This might sound over the top but the farmers out here are generally rednecks and they are paragons of acceptance, inclusiveness and tolerance compared to many of the coal miners I work with. And yet we love where we live and we won't give up our sexuality so it is fantastic that EP exists and gives my wife and I another outlet for our self expression.

I just think it makes its easier to decide who to avoid.....

Hmmmm .... Maybe it has to do with supply and demand. I am also interested in film noir, early American history and Arthurian mythology. How many "friends" and comments will I get if I discuss those topics, as opposed to chatting about banging hips with ripped tripods? Will I get more of a reaction if I post pix of Sir Percival, or me in the bikini? And yes, it IS all about the reaction. Otherwise, I'd just keep it all to myself.

I was not aware of your affinity for Arthurian legend. We must discuss...

Ever read "The Holy Grail" by Malcolm Goodwin? College professor had me read it. We discussed it between boinks.

I have read but I just found it, no sexy professor to guide me.....When I studied law, all the professors were old, decrepit and the sort of thing you thought about to get rid of an unwanted erection

You gotta earn it!

Perhaps you and I can have similar discussions.

I would love to read your stories and see your pics of Sir Percival as well as the the one about tripods and swimsuits

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I agree

I agree all the way. I like sex, but yes there is other great things in life .I am beginning to think all the groups on here are for sex. The non sex ones seem to be getting less and less.

Yes of course you are fight. But all ep is, is a reflection of society. Open up a magazine.. watch Tv ads... look at bill boards... look how big the **** industry is.. all the escort services.. look at the adverts on ep.. we live in a sex obsessed culture, and all ep does is act like a mirror to that.

There are now nearly 18 million life experiences shared on EP! We have unique experiences being shared from members around the world, the majority are adults (18+) and sexuality is very much a part of their life. That said, we do have rules in place which every member is expected to follow, however we do allow discussions around mature topics.

Members who are uninterested can visit their account settings to adult filters which limit your exposure to mature topics and interactions with mature members. We of course have automatic blocks in place to protect minors on the site.

I am NOT a child... Fact is this, I believe if the ONLY thing that you have to talk about or that particularly interests you is sex, then that makes you childish.

i agree with you. sex on the brain makes one childish and boring to me.