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I logged on this afternoon, about to relax with a biscuit and a cup of tea and I got to see three rather large images of a man in my circles penis.
It's clearly not possible to stop people posting these images so could we decide not to have images going into our circles activity instead?
This way, I could have avoided choking on my tea this afternoon :o)
RobertaSunset RobertaSunset
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3 Responses Sep 21, 2012

At least you only choked on you tea!

Yikes--We certainly don't allow nude images in public places. We have a number of filters in place to help prevent images from unknown sources but it seems this was a friend of yours?

I'll share your idea with our developers but in the meantime it's important to be selective of who you allow in your circle.

by saying that roberta should be more selective of who she is friends with, it sounds as if you're putting the blame on her when it should be on the person who is posting inappropriate images! that's the one you should do something about.

Yes a friend... ok thanks :o)

Maybe we could have reminder that an image has been posted but not actually see the image and then just see a thumb nail when you clicked to see their images and then could choose whether to look at the image or not :o)

I think it is basically EP's fault if pictures posted in an album set to Private go forth on a feed as described here. EP should give a notification of pictures being posted in a private album without showing those pictures publicly. If people want to see those pictures they should have to click on them.

I think that sounds like a great way around this problem, if we want to look we can click.