Paragraphs In Comments

Hi EP,

I have mentioned this previously but wanted to bring it to your attention again:

When typing a comment in reply to a story, there appears to be either NO paragraph breaks, (or very tiny ones) or huge ones, if I go back in to add them myself.

Should I need to edit a spelling mistake (especially difficult in the tiny box provided for edits), all formatting disappears when I save the comment. Given the wordy nature of my replies (sigh) having no paragraphs makes it obviously hard to read, and huge ones make the length comparable to War and Peace.

If you could kindly remedy this, it would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

RedRubies RedRubies
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7 Responses Sep 22, 2012

well there really is also another issue..if you reply to the author, it will allow you to edit your comment.....but if you reply directly to someone else's comment, now it will NOT allow you to edit an is so annoying. Your only option is to delete and try again.

Oh jeez, I didn't realize this... lol... yes, usually it just makes more sense to delete but that's fairly annoying to have to do.

This should be fixed.

Garcia's right, but then, it's way more fun to hijack a comment thread that's gone bezerk.

LOL thanks I seem to have this issue as well

OK. If we're all going to whine, the endless replies to comments thing has got out of hand, the 'see more comments' function sucks and it would a be good idea to limit the length of comments (or at least of replies to comments) - I've woken up with the keyboard embedded in my face once too often.

Interesting... it might stifle conversation if EP limited the "replies to comments" in general, however. I agree the "see more comments" function is awful. Oh... and really? Stop making out with your keyboard and you won't wake up with the keys in your face. (Hey... props for staying overnight ^ - ^)

If you can't say it in six words. Oh ****.


Increasing the size of the editing tool is something we've discussed with our developers and hope to increase in the near future.

As for line breaks on commnets, this seems to be working for me so I'm having trouble figuring out why it's not working for you, but some extra details would help me track the issue. What type of browser/version are you using? Also, can you send me a screenshot to (Attn: EPArsineh in the Subject line)

Thanks Arsineh. I am using the most recent Firefox browser. I will send a screenshot in the next while :-)

This is a big pain for me too....I own a few of those wordy comments. I sometimes just go to the BIG box and write a comment if I know it's gonna be long but then the whole thread is out of what cause the comment isn't in the right place for the person I am talking too... :(

I've noticed that too and thought it was just me :-) I'm glad it isn't!

Oh good! (er, you know what I mean!) I always think it's just me or my laptop! :-D

LOL, yes I know what you mean :-)