I Want Ep To Improve Itself

No subscribing me to stories just because I comment.
Easy way to get rid of fans
easy way to get rid of groups

If they can do it for mail they can do it for everything else

Everyone clog up their email until they change this stuff Please.
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5 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Sorry for the frustration. Most members expressed interest in getting updates on discussions happening around a story they commented on and showed interest in. You can unsubscribe from any story by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button on any story.

Also--you can choose to turn off email notifications entirely by visiting your account settings off your profile page.

We are working to improve and simply the friending/fanning process on EP and you should see a new system rolled out in the near future--which will address some of your concerns.

well you have plenty like me who hate this. I comment and if someone comments about my comment I would like to know but I get 50 100 notifications about stories I do not want..........so you need a system to allow me to opt out of subscribing.

Only way is to make the wheel squeak so loudly they fix it. Remember they are in the 'raising money game'.

i recently wrote a story about how it should be easier to remove people from your circle and, as usual, eparsineh danced around the subject when she commented, didn't address my question but went on to tell me something i already know. i give up.

EP is not known for a site where staff listen to what we are saying. These sort of complaints have been voiced since I joined up to this site years ago.

Yes, yes! Rated up

please go write them