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I'm fine with being blocked because someone doesn't like my opinion in q&a, I'm even okay with them writing on my whiteboard. What I'm not ok with is not being able to reply to something on my whiteboard, nor do I have the delete option with this for some reason. I will ridicule the hell out of this lady just because I can, if it's on my whiteboard I should be able to do whatever I want with it, you wanna write on my wall you should accept my reaction good bad or otherwise
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i so agree!

I want to clarify that when a member blocks you, they will not be allowed to write on your whiteboard. What seems to have happened is they wrote on your whiteboard and then blocked you. Once you delete the whiteboard scribble they'll no longer be able to post a future scribble.

Arsineh, if someone blocks me, I want all their crap erased from my whiteboard, otherwise, they can harrass me. You see, I rarely block someone. So, someone comes in, writes on my WB and then blocks me. Then I can't reply or delete the comment, because I've been blocked. But it's MY WHITEBOARD! (Sorry for yelling. ;-) )

You are so right!

More stupidity with how this site works. It seems unfair that you can block someone, have a go at them (by whiteboard or PM) and have the safety of them not being able to reply because they are blocked.

You can't. Once a member blocks you, they are unable to send you PMs or scribble on your whiteboard. Of course, it's not far for us to go back in time and delete every interaction you've had with them before things went sour. Members may have had a positive friendship that went sour so we won't delete all the good times. Instead, we give members the option to delete what they want prior to the block and automatically prevent any interaction after the block.


Check out my reply to Reece.

it's nice to know that you actually reply to someone and not always dance around their concerns like you did with me.

I is your whiteboard
You want me to write a message on her board...from you? hehe!!

hahaha are you serious?? That is too freakin funny...I will soooo do it!