New Gesture System

I haven't been around much lately for many reasons. One of which is the fact that the joy and ease of navigating this site are all but gone.  It's almost depressing.  And now I log in to see that sending the vast majority of gestures now cost 5 tokens each to send.  And not only that, but the amount of gestures available has been dramatically reduced (don't even get me started on gifts either).  Really?  Why?  This was a perfectly fine and delightful feature on this site and now EP has put a useless damper on it.  There are actual bugs here to fix and bullies to ban.  Please, please stop ruining good things and wasting time "improving" things that are perfectly acceptable as they are. 
permafrost21 permafrost21
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Everyone agree's with you permafrost21, but staff aren't interested in listening. The easy of use that made this site so easy to navigate and discover what the Experience Project has to offer is in the past. Now we are stuck with a site too difficult to use effectively. It's a shame really...

It sucks. I have great friends here or else I would never log on anymore. :(