I Have Stopped Bothering With Reading Stories

I am tired of having to plow through dozens of ads selling products and services, before getting to an actual story. There are far too many people who are opening accounts just so they can spam us. No other activity, just a new account to use to advertize their wares.

Is there a way EP can get on top of this problem? I flagged one new member who posted 10 ads in less than 5 minutes, only to come back and see that there are 3 more people who are using EP as place to advertise.

Start flagging these people, EPeeps....
Serenitree Serenitree
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Thanks for sharing and encouraging your fellow EPeeps to flag. We're able to review most flags within 24 hours.

Community flags play a big role in helping us keep EP a safe and positive space.

On the back end we are working to improve our automated filters as well to prevent ads/spam from being posted, but no automated system is perfect and flagging with always be invaluable.

Thanks, I appreciate the rapid response.

I flag everyone that I see, it can take a day or two but they do usually remove them. However it would be far better if they had some sort of filter to stop them appearing at all. Surely it can't be beyond the wit of the techies to come up with something!

I just don't know. I used to read all the latest stories and comment on them, but, now, there are about 40 ads for each story.

Wow! How are you accessing the stories? I mean which bit of the site are you clicking on?

I go to stories, at the top of the page, then when the stories come up, there are sub headings, Popular, and Recent. I click on Recent and I get spam, lots and lots of spam.

Try accessing them from the big blue bar at the bottom of Q&A. I've just accessed the same way you did and found the spammer, flagged him, his group and all of his stories ;^)

I'll try what you suggested. I found three spammers this morning. It's tiresome.

Yes, that seems to be the route to go. Thanks.

I know, I hope you manage to find some actual stories.

Yes, plenty. Thanks.

Glad to have been of service, your most welcome.

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