Ep's Threateningly Worded Email And My Reply.

Have you ever received an email like this one? And you did not create the violating group? Where you like me and thought "I didn't create this group, why in the world are you threatening me!!!" If we all reply to their threateningly worded emails, they might just get a CLUE!!

EPSupport Sep 12, 2012 4:29 PM

We're contacting you to inform you that the group, XYZ, violated EP Terms of service and has been removed.

Attempting to recreate a group on this topic or promoting this behavior will lead to your removal from the site.

While we encourage you to join groups based on your life experiences, and recognize that this may include mature topics, we expect all members to follow EP rules.

Thank you!

titania2009 Sep 25, 2012 8:20 PM

I didn't create the group! And won't be recreating it! So I don't understand why I would even receive this email. Just remove the offending group! You don't need to threaten me about it!

If this was a generic email sent to anyone connected with a group, it shouldn't be so personal. Referring to "you" in the first sentence is acceptable. However, unless the email is being sent to the creator of the group, the use of "you" in sentence two and three is totally unacceptable.

The first sentence should either have the group name in quotes or underlined, to help differentiate it from the rest of the sentence.

I find the second sentence very offending! "...your removal..." It's written as a threat and read as a threat. What happens when someone is threatened? Fight or Flight Response kicks in! I would hope your intentions were not to have people delete their accounts!

I'd be more receptive to, "Attempting to recreate a group on this topic or promoting this behavior will lead to removal from our site." or "...lead to being removed from the site."

And the last sentence should be, "While we encourage groups based on life experiences, and recognize that this may include mature topics, we expect all members to follow EP rules." [ I should have added, "Just leave the "you and yours" out of it!"]

Get a clue EP, your not the only web-site your members can share experiences with others!

Thank you,
titania2009 titania2009
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I've received a few of those before. I didn't put much thought into it since it wasn't me who created the group or uploaded the photo. Figured it was sent to everyone connected to the group just as standard protocol.

I got that e-mail once, because of a story I posted in a group.

Most likely both the 'shotgun effect' email and the verbiage has been vetted by their legal representation to cover as many bases internationally as they can. Some 'hate speech' legislation in Europe is rather stern on the 'website' and not just the poster on same. Not saying that is the case since I have no 'inside information' or anything just playing Devil's Advocate.

Even I've gotten a couple of these, and I'm an effing goody two-shoes!

I think that this part of the system needs a two-pronged adjustment. First, the wording of these messages really needs an overhaul. Titania did a good job of revising it, taking the message from coming across as extremely aggressive and toning it down a few dozen notches. The only thing I'd add is a sentence something along the lines of "This message was sent to you because you were a member/had some activity in/whatever group XYZ. If you have questions, send a message to EPStaff of Choice

Second, (as has already been said), the system that "sees" offensive behavior and sends the messages needs to be improved. I've said before that the AI here is not the smartest artificial intelligence I've ever encountered. It needs to go back to school!

With all that said, I think that changing the letter needs to take priority. If that is toned down, it will be less painful when it lands in innocent inboxes.

oh yes, been down that road before. they sent me those messages about groups and avatars, neither of which i had anything to do with. they chalked it up to another of the many glitches here.

*giggles* this site is full of "glitches". Just like the ep jail glitch and such

yeah, all kinds of "itches" on ep. glitches, *******, you name it.

I appreciate that you took the time to share your feelings with us--You make some good points and we are going to edit these messages so that they better serve their purpose.

The message is not intended to accuse members of being responsible for creating the group--instead the message goes out to all members who joined an supported the group, which was a major violation of our terms of service.

The purpose of the message to warn members of the consequences of attempting to recreate the group. Though we do welcome members to share their experiences, groups that suggest harm to minors or violate our terms of service are not acceptable.

lol join the club...... EP Admin wont remove you for said group (oops! yeah i said that). The ep bots love to send those emails out. If you didnt create it then dont worry about it. They sent it to you because you were part of that group.

but what if you weren't part of that particular group? i got those messages in the past about groups i never joined and i surely never posted inappropriate avatars.

......really? ok thats a real problem then. wtf ep?!

honest, injun lol. i never had anything to do with what i was accused of.

sometimes you are forced to join groups because you wrote stories or commented in them

You can leave them after writing your story like I do, Dente. You once stated as a fact that I was a member of a DD group without checking my experience roster or the roster of the group. I was a member of it for about 90 seconds. I don't stay in groups that don't apply to me (except "I Have Cancer") and I only sparingly join groups that do apply to me in order to keep my experiences at a manageable number. As for these inappropriate blustering p.m.s that bewilder members, I guess they make somebody feel powerful. I won't try to speculate who.

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What the hell? What is wrong with people? Block, flag and delete those, better yet screenshot and send them to EParsineh she replies to PMs. This won't go unnoticed as things will change for the better soon.

I have had numerous of these emails. It's funny, the logo's that have been attached to the groups removed haven't been offensive, but people flag something they don't like and it gets removed. It's a flawed system based on flags not content.

Exactly, WTF! I too was just going to delete the email. However, after my initial shock wore off, I was indignant and wanted to give them a piece of my mind. I think their wrong and need to be told how this type of email is received by its members.

I appreciate your support!