What The Heck????? Tokens To Rate Up A Story?????

Why does it now COST to rate up a story???? What has gotten into the heads of EP admin???This does NOTHING for the writers or the stories. It annoys me as without the stories or incentives the rating systems gives the writer, EP and its members LOSE.

What's next - tokens to comment and eventually tokens to write a story??? This is utter madness

Becnme Becnme
56-60, F
4 Responses Nov 9, 2012

..... EP is teaching the young folk how to wheel and deal...

Preparation for the corporate world?


Rating up a story once has always been free and will continue to be free. What we've done is given members the option, for the first time to rate a story up more than once! Should you decide to take advantage of this feature it's 1 token.

Hope this helps clear things up--Rating up a story the first time is still entirely FREE.

Thank you for the clarification.

I'm not certain as to why a person should be able to rate a story up more than once at all. It seems disingenuous.

I agree.

It's just rating up a story an extra point that costs tokens. Rating it up the first one point is still free.

I think we should serve notice we will be very, very unhappy if they do decide to charge for rating up a story the first one point. In that case I think a lot of people will just stop rating up stories.

.... EP is strarting to scare people, they feel more blocked in than free!!!!!!!!!!