Please Give Us Back The Library And Favoriting Stories (Different From Rating Up) Like We Had

I am very unhappy about the changes EP has made to the Library feature. I was very fond of this feature. Previously there was a "Favorite" button to click at the bottom of a story that put stories in our Library. It was very useful to me to keep a very limited number of stories in my Library that I could access for quick reference. I saw fit to put in it a limited number of my own stories that I knew I would be referring back to. I sometimes put in my Library stories I disagreed with sharply but for which I was interested in following the thread. So for me, "Favoriting" a story was NOT at all the same thing as rating a story up! I only chose to put a very wieldy total of several dozen stories in my library.

Now EP has merged the Favorite / Library feature with Rating Up, or actually displaced the former in favor of the latter. I feel like my Library has been vandalized. I look at this My Favorites page, and it doesn't appear to have the stories that I had chosen to Favorite and have as part of my small, manageable Library. It doesn't appear to have any of my stories. Instead it has a collection of stories I have rated up, which is something I was never interested in having. Just because we do an author the kindness of rating up a story doesn't mean we feel any need to have that story in an archive for future reference. Instead of 2 or 3 columns of Library stories that I had before, now this My Favorites page has 59 columns. That makes it totally useless to me. I will never use it if you keep it as it is. It would be easier finding a story by googling than laboriously going through 59 columns and hundreds and hundreds of stories.

Furthermore, it appears to me that our own stories don't go into the My Favorites page. As I said, I did not want to put the great majority of mine there. But I am unhappy that you have taken away from us the right to Favorite our own stories for quick reference.

On top of that, the new My Favorites page has no means for removing a story. So if I wanted to take the time to pare it down to I would not be able to do that.

I would also point out that if a member is inclined to utilize this archive, having all rated up stories go into it could be a disincentive to rating up stories as readily as one did before the feature change.

Sentiments similar to mine here were expressed at EP Link and EP Link .

Please give us back the old option of creating our own Library of our own preferred size, an option that I enjoyed and found so useful, by restoring the Favorite button alongside the Rate Up button. Please allow us to Favorite our own stories once again. If you really are sold on us having this new robo-Rate-Ups page (which I have no use for) you could retain it and still give us back the old option of creating our own Library of our own preferred size by restoring the Favorite button alongside the Rate Up button.
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...ep is going to lose members and it is going to be their own fault,

i am considering deleting my profile,

these new changes ARE A TOTAL TURN MANY MEMBERS who knew EP when it was still at its best WITH THE ORIGINAL EP.

It is so exasperating. Why the hell dont they research and take notice of the people who use this site regularly. Who/what are all the changes for? if not us who dont want them??
I believe they are making the site as much like facebook as the plan is to sell.

TRUE, they say we must come here and lodge COMPLAINTS AND MAKE SUGGESTIONS ABOUT HOW WE CAN IMPROVE EP, but they fail to listen to us...........EP IS GOING TO LOSE MEMBERS, i cannot even tell you that even FACEBOOK seems to have a better FORMAT these days.......... i don't come to EP site as often anymore because of this BS changes that makes EP difficult to USE AND ENJOY as we used to in the good old EP days. maybe EP really wants to lose members...maybe they are tired and want to quit working.

All they seem to care about is the figures they can quote of people visiting site. Does not matter what they come here to do.

dude EP WON'T SELL if it is as messed up and user UNFRIENDLY as it is now. EP MEMBERS ARE DISSATISFIED WITH THIS SITE..... so they should not bargain on getting any support from outside sources at all.

According to Alexa, the decline of EP has already begun. The way they have been relentlessly stripping the site of the features we love has already had a big impact on its traffic.

Taking away story titles seems like a Kanjoya experiment to see just how much they can poke us in the eye and still get away with it.

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I can understand your frustration--but there are improvements coming soon which will address these issue. I commented on your second story which will address many of your concerns:

We are adding management tools to give members better ways to sort and organize their favorites (rate ups, old favorites, etc)

In the meantime, if you want to access your old list of favorites before the new management tools to be rolled out, please PM me and I'll be happy to email you a list of your old favorites.

I'm raging! I didn't realise what EP had done till you pointed it out with this story, I went and checked my favourites and now I have hundreds of things I didn't want in there!!!!! I'm half inclined to never rate anything up again! I know how nice it is for people to feel someone has appreciated their story so I like to when I feel I can!!! But I'm sure EP ARE going to scrap this latest piece of nonsense so I don't have to stop rating stories up! Bring back our library function please!!!

Excellent story. I feel the same way.

Good story. I hope you won't take it amiss that I do not rate it up and put it in my favorites.

..... Rated up, guess this goes in the "library" then? Is this how it works? Rate up to get deposited in "my library"-archive? Ookee

Until they change it, I won't be paying any attention to my My Favorites page.

Rated up.

.... Are the comments we rate up also going to end up in library? LMFAO... *wipes sweat off forehead*

Don't give them ideas, LOL.

Wow...Ep has gotten so usefully modern it is now no longer useful. Normally the Butler did it. In this case it was the staff. I say that because someone had to approve this. Another few changes or this sort and we can rename this as Parse Book. An observation!

I agree. For all intent and purposes and in all actuality you have stolen our personal library from us and replaced it with a record of stories that we have rated up. My library of favorites contained a select few stories that I carefully chose. It was a means to keep them safe and to have easy access to them, particularly a few stories of dear friends who deleted their accounts.

Now all my library amounts to is a 65 page list of stories YOU put there.

This is not acceptable.

It is galling. They took away the collection I myself had accumulated and replaced it with an archive of stories 90% of which I am only marginally interested in.

It IS galling, CC. It was MY personal library of favorites. Why do you think it is a good idea to do this, EP? Why do you think it is ok to ruin this for us?

.........Because EP makes the rules and NOT the people/members... EP not a democracy after all!!! Whaaaat? I wonder what Obama would say about that? LMFAO.... Relax datura, this is quite funny!!!!

It's not funny to me. They might make the rules, and it might not be a democracy, but you would think that they wouldn't want to **** off the very people who helped them build this site. Without members EP is nothing. And one would think that members who care about stories would be valuable. We've all seen what has happened as they've let people who are only interested in sharing their nude pictures join. We've seen the quality of this site decline. But EP is getting the numbers to draw in more and more ads. That seems to be what they care about most anymore. No, I don't find it funny at all.

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That's not an improvement by any means. I took a look at my library and while mine only has has 6 pages, I don't necessarily want all of them in my library. Unless they change it back, it's just going to make things more difficult.