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EP Update: What We've Been Working On...and A Look Ahead

Since our last update 2 weeks ago, we've introduced a number of features to help you connect with members and find the content you care about most. We've also gotten started on introducing better tools so you can sort, organize and keep track of the posts that are most meaningful to you.

If you missed our last list of updates, you can find it here:  EP Link

Below are a list of improvements we've made and additional upgrades to come:

**In an effort to bring the focus back on experiences and connecting people around those shared experiences, we've removed the games section which was slowing down the site and more importantly taking away time that our engineers could otherwise be using to improve sharing, browsing, and friendship development on EP!  Miss games? Don't worry--we kept our community's most popular game, 'bubble shooter' which will display on the logout page for those who want to play.

**We've cleaned up the footer and removed duplicate and repetitive links that were already accessible using the site header.  By doing this we've made it easier for members to quickly find important footer links to our terms of service, help section, and more.

**Revamping 'favorites' and the way to keep track of posts that matter to you.  Today, we simplified the story page by removing actions that were rarely used by our community at large (this includes favoriting and subscribing/unsubscribing)  These extra options were causing much confusion for many members so in an effort to simplify things we eliminated these option.   Content you've favorited in the past now appears under a list called 'favorites' which appears on the left hand column of your profile page, along with links to stories you've 'rated up' in the past.  Having trouble finding your old favorites, among those rate ups--don't worry we'll be adding management tools to help you sort and organize your list of 'favorites' so you can more easily keep track of the content you care most about as well as pick and choose when you receive updates. 

**based on popular demand we're adding a feature to help members quickly and easily page through dozens of experience groups relating to any topic, directly from the topic pages which you can access by choosing 'stories' on the site header.  This way you can, more easily, discover new groups and those that best represent you!

**You'll soon be able to post stories anonymously!  We've often heard from members that they have a story to share but feel hesitant having it tied to their username, particularly when they're new and still unsure of how supportive a community EP will me. This feature we're working on will allow you to share a story anonymously (without linking it to your username or avatar) and if later you decide you are ready to take ownership of your experience you can choose to go back and claim your anonymous post and link it to your username.  This feature will help members better express themselves.  Now with every new feature there are going to be members who may try to abuse the system--but fear not, we've taken precautions to assure that this doesn't cause a spike in inappropriate behavior.  

Hope you're excited about these improvements and appreciate the updates!

We'll be providing regular updates every two weeks, letting our members know what's happening behind the scenes at EP.  Keep in mind that we take feature requests and site suggestions shared within the group into consideration when planning each round of updates, so please continue to share your ideas.  We love reading them!

EPArsineh EPArsineh 26-30, F 137 Responses Nov 12, 2012

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sounds good

So why mess it up.

Dear EPArsineh, I am new to both ep and the internet. Even with my limited skill and experience I have found ways to use ep to help me better understand myself and others. I am not qualified to make suggestions but thought you might like a little gratitude mixed in with the complaints. Thank You.

Please take notice here the new notifications are pointless and waste the time we get to spend here..your clogging the system up with stuff we don't need to know...

This new feature where you get notifications whenever someone else answers a question that I happened to answer is annoying.

Just STOP automatically "subscribing" us to questions, please give us back the option of opting out of that. It makes one not want to use the Q & A because we'll keep getting notifications that have nothing to do with us. Someone flagged one of my answers so that it was removed and I'm STILL getting notifications from when other people answer that question. It's like adding insult to injury.

ALSO,I am tired of long dialogues being carried on on my home page that have nothing to do with me. What is the point? It feels like one is eavesdropping.

I agree with you, and it's especially annoying on the app. I get a whole page of a stranger who has joined dozens of groups. Why would I be interested in someone I don't know joining all these groups, then I have to scroll and scroll to actually find a story to read from someone else I don't know.
You mentioned the games and the stick pin? I didn't even know EP had games, and I never heard of a stick pin, and I've been here for two-years. I can't keep up with all these changes. It's truly absurd, the rate they change everything again.

Why has the stick pin responders format been altered. The current format makes the stick pin obsolete, and is not conducive to open communication. Please return the previous format.

the games section went one year ago.What the heck is going on.

Sometime ago, you had the anonymous story feature, then it went away ( I never knew what happened to it), and now it's coming back again. I thought Facebook was changing too much, too fast, but compared to EP, its changes come very slowly, and people get used to using the new features. Here, you make changes so fast, I go away for a week, and things have changed again when I get back. Since 2011, when I joined, it's been nothing but changes constantly, and not for the better in most cases.
I honestly feel rather than changes being made, we are being jerked around all the time.
I'm using the EP app, which is very limited. I can only comment, and cannot see replies to comments. At one point they made it that I could actually write stories from the app, now that feature has gone, so EP is messing with the app too. Features come and go here like clouds in the you see you don't.

seriously messed up as all say and the gift gesture section is omg :(

This new feature where you get notifications whenever someone else answers a question that I happened to answer is SUPER annoying. I already answer tons of questions a night, now I am getting an extremely high number of notifications.....It is waaaaaay overbearing. It was much better when you only got a notification when someone answered a question I asked or responded to my reply to a question.........If this is the way EP is going to be from now on then I am seriously going to stop being an EP supporter (though I don't pay that much anyway) and probably won't visit EP that much anymore.......It is crazy having hundreds of notifications a night and not being able to sort out the ones that pertain to my particular answers to questions!! :-(

type o you said me and should had been be lol

It does need work but at least your trying. Add to circle is sometime not there on certin profiles and no their not already a friend. Another there has to be a way to weed out minors. That's the most important thing. I don't want to see there pic even on accident. It just frustrating. Make people answer more prove more before they join.

Seriously, is EP TRYING to lose people? There is a new surprise every day. Today, I can't contact ANYONE, unless they have messaged me first, by private mail. I really do think they are trying to get rid of the people they have. I think that they would make more money if this were an ALL GAY site! That's what is being pushed now!

Yea we'll your pop up ads for a lot of companies suck. Like the one for falling skies. When you hit the x to get it off screen it only pops up every time. I well never watch this show ever because of this.

Can you stop the full page pop up Ads from backing my position back two places or as tonight, making me have to log back in to the site twice so far? Once from a story and once from a question.

Some improvements. You had the stories setup pretty well nailed, now you've screwed it up.
You could stay on the page and have the story expand within the page. That was great. You could also select from a series of stories [1,2,3,4,etc] but now if you hit those numbers, you still get the first damned story and have to scroll (see more stories) through every story in the topic or by the author. Bad, just bad user interface. Step back, look it over, and do it again please.

hell yes if you go to my stories and want to look through them the pagenation should go 1, 2, 3 4 exc. through your stories and if you stop to click on one you've written that you want to read when your finished it should go back to that page of stories not start at the beinging of all the stories you've written DAH!

I wanna see more cheerleader stories

I would find a Book list for books and other sources recommended by members to illustrate their points

I am requesting a zoom function on avatars . Zoom in 4 the many pieces of art displayed and Zoom out 4 others

It is exciting to know that E/P is an ongoing work in progress,evolving on an ongoing basis. This speaks of a healthy site for communication and friendly interaction. Thanks.

It would sure be nice to be able to see "who's online"and 'who's near me'

Theres a "whose on line thingy " somewhere.

those are great improvements, and i never even knew about the games, i wasn't here for that. i was here to share things and remove stress because sometimes we just need to let out steam and we can't find an ear for it, other times our life experience can help others. so yeah, the games didn't fit in that.

well if they're removed i guess you can't now :/

lol same here. I still don't know where to dig for them games.

Yes, it will be good to speed up the process time, it's often quite slow.

It also could be useful to be able to write stories and ask questions anonymously.

For me, EP is what FB should be. Thanks!

U nailed it.

Er... Can I ask question about blogging? My blog seems to be drying up nowadays, no comments or now viewing so I become lazy to write and I wonder if it's possible to get more easy blogging experience? My maind beef is that I tend to blab on my blog so I wonder if it's possible to link a blog post we want to share with an experience directly- so we don't have to re-post same thing to an experience? Or maybe this feature already existed and I am the amateur no-tech savvy one?

I absolutely HATE that you got rid of our "library" collection. I had about 4 stories that I especially liked and will NEVER be able to find again, now that they're buried among the hundreds of items I've commented on over the years. I don't understand why those comments are now designated "favourites". If I didn't put them there, they're not MY favourites.

WE would love an archive of our stories.Thanks Bijoux.

I wish you would stop changing things. My friend Ari is very upset and wont stay on here now : (

I'm liking this comment to draw attention to it. Would really rather Ari stayed.


For my part I enjoy change .

You are a princess and a queen!....Is that possible?Anyway,thank you very much for the update!!!!HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!