EP On Your Smartphone!

Many of you visit EP while you're on the go, from your smartphone!

Whether you're using an iphone or android we'd love to chat with you and get your feedback on improving the mobile experience for all our members.

To participate please email help@experienceproject.com with the subject line 'EP Mobile'

We hope to hear from you soon!
EPArsineh EPArsineh
31-35, F
240 Responses Nov 19, 2012

I love it but adds are annoying and please make a app for it

Gotta scour to find a compatible browser for the chat, on ipad for example, but there is at least one: Puffin.

I love ep and everything in it but it'd be super great if the app would let us sign in to ep without us having to go to the actual web.

Find the site hard to navigate. Don't think an app would help much. Still not very sure how much I will continue to use the site anyway.

Needs an app
Hard to navigate
Requires cookies

Need an app

i do use my phone but i cant seem to find a way to ask questions and its hards to get the the different sections of the website aswell

Thank you for the request for feedback...I'll send my feedback in an email as requested but will say the pesky chaser ad's spoil my EP experience on my smartphone. I understand the need for advertising but the chaser’s lock up my smartphone and make it impossible to enjoy. There has to be a better way to get the advertising message out with the intrusion. EP is a wonderful site and it’s a shame I cannot enjoy from my smartphone. dc

My only quibble is g the sign in bit. My back button undoes my login. Can you solve that? I tick " keep me signed in" but once i move away, them back say to prior page I'm logged bk out

I do, try to build an Android application

To beable to upload photos !!

I didn't know I could I'll have to look into that.

When i try replying to a message the advertising line for Target gets on the way all the freakin' time so instead on clicking on send i end up clicking on the add....>=|.... Other than that its perfect:):)

It would be great to have an app for EP! Make it easier to get too and record your dreams and thoughts.

Sure! I would be happy to share my experience or try new software.

i dont even have a phone and im fine not using my phone for anything but games work and calls.

I use ep on my iPod and one thing I'd love to see is and app for it that way I don't have to save a tap on my Safari
Thank you

The buttons are way too close. I try to open one thing and all of a sudden I'm being dragged elsewhere...it drives me nuts. I'm on a Samsung galaxy.

i do use a smartphone to log on to ep,bt it is a Symbian Belle.for 1 thing,ep doesnt get loaded if im not using a 3G connection or a wifi.another problem dat im facing is dt im not being able 2 use the advanced editor while replying to my mails.otherwise,logging on to ep is a remarkable experience

On I phone it is ok am new so will get back as I find out problems more than fat fingers.

Thank you

It's pretty good on the 4S.

For every one who doesnt like the adds I would guess you are using..... IE...wich is slow on mobiles and has no add or pop up blocker change your browser to one that does or will accept 3rd party pop-up /add blockers ...simplessss xxx

Would rather have an app....

Make an app is great solution

I do all the time. The pop ups are by far the most annoying part of that experience.

an app would be great :D

I use my android browser, and it's very hard to navigate because when I press a button, it detects that a pressed another.

An app would be amazing!

I use my iPad and an app would be the best! I'd be on so much more. :D

Yupp i Agree wiv Every1. An App would b Amazin!!xx

yes i do those stuff

An app would be awesome

Bigger buttons for touch screeners. For instance when you try to check your messages you hit every other button except the one your trying to access.

Dear EPArsineh, I keep seeing "new comments" on my activity list for this. It hurts to be honest. I was the first one to reply and no word back from you or anyone on EP. :(

I like to read stories browsing the mobile version of your website, on my android. Sometimes I post that way too, but the text-entry field is too small

i use my nokia lumina 800 to access the mobile app cant say its brilliant but thats down my phone cant use iphone apps or android so could you please do an app for nokia lumina

The stories section could be cleaned up a little bit in my opinion

Just make everything more fluent, and smooth

Really not liking the ads that pop up.

I use it through adroid and on thing to improve it would be to have it where u can use the chat

I'm using an iPhone. However, I'd love to see a mobile app with chat function!!

I'm using an Android. But I've only ever visited the site from my phone so I'm probably not the best source of judgement. I don't use the app I just use the site from my phone. So far so good.

I have a Cell not a smartphone. I have a laptop I am on for online activity. I do not need to spend that much or have other spend on a redundant path.

Your android app doesn't provide facility to login and read our friends stories.

I do not use Android or Iphone, and not tried on my Blackberry either.

I uesd too but found too many security holes with AVG turned off and way too slow with it turned on (ssl isues ) EP needs to think caerfully abt the mobille market as its the fastest growing area for Mallware ( even apps from apples I-store have been found to contain mallware ) if EP commits to this sector it needs to invest time and money on security isuses xx

An app would be awesome

Uploading photos from an Android phone would be a nice feature.

Always on the Android. Not really sure if it makes a difference as that is all I have ever used. Seems to be consistent and reliable so far. Glad I found the site.

I would like to be able to upload photos from my I phon or iPad.

Actually, I began EP on my Galaxy and have never used it anywhere else...very convienient and keeps me up to date on messages and responses.

Lets nominate EPArsineh for president in 2016 :)

I wouldn't trust using EP from my phone.

is there an android app, if so where can i download it

I'll join. But The only thing I would like to change is that EP lets me set my mobile default to the full page instead of the mobile one. My phone has more brains that this junky old laptop so it handles it well and the full site is so much easier to navigate.

Having a app for this site would help greatly! :)

Yes I do They need Ap for that

Please get rid of the annoying ad it comes up everytime i click something, this has only happened recently in the last few weeks and i hate it!! I cant properly browse ep with this, it directs me to another site everytime.

yes thankyou

The iPhone version is great, with one exception: no search window.

I think we need a proper, custom app that will allow us to sign on from Android mobile and operate the account as normal. I have downloaded the current app, which is more a viewer and isn't advanced enough. Would be great to be able to use the account on my travels easier

Iphone great exp

Ok. Sounds Cool To Me :)@

Lately when I've come on here via iPhone I keep getting a stupid popup ad on every single page! Sometimes I can't get rid of it and it takes me to another website then when I try to come back it does it again. This is really getting annoying and I can't do a lot without it happening.

hay my samsung s2 freaks out and freezes when i surf ep on my default browser takea to many ram an app would be awesum

Make. An app!!

android(2.3.6)-opera-chat window floats to left and i am unable to see messages properly. It is not also drag-able to right. Pressing Enter on keyboard doesn't sends the message.

How do you get chat at all on your android? I cant seem to get the chat window up at all.

i am using other than default browser -Opera Mobile Version 12.10 ADR-12102241511

I use it on my iPod touch and everything is perfect except finding new experience groups. It zooms in so close and the type is so Borg and it won't let me click on what I want.

I have the android app, but it does not allow me to access my mail, friends, or comments. i would love to sign in to my actual account. would be amazing!!

I wish there was an iphone app, as well!

I am of - well I'd like to say the previous generation, but I'm afraid I go back even further than that! Whatever, I greatly enjoy EP and am more than satisfied with its current format and content. Well done to all there xxx Jadmar

I use EP on my android phone from time to time. The big problem I have is when i do the typing speed on my phone slows way down. I mean by over 50%. I have to type slow and wait for it to catch up with me. Could you fix this please!

I use my phone and i love it.....but would love to be able to chat....thanks for all you do..

where do i get the android app?

I use my smartphone-an Android-for ep. Id love to see an app!!

I don't have a smartphone. I have a contracted Sprint flip phone with text messaging available. It can take photos and fair quality videos. No, I don't have internet access allowed on the phone as I have a basic service contract.

No i do not use mobile pH for this type of experience sorry. I could make an excpetion and do it as a contract job please email me directly at temaurer@yahoo.com

I have a smartphone and use it all the time but I do not like using EP on mobile. I type a lot in EP and it is not convenient on a phone.

Yes I do. I use my phone all the time

An app would be awesome, but I already love the mobile webpage. Works well on my phone

There should be a app that would be awesome 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

its oksy for the most... but it would be better if you could chat on moble like on the comp site..

Can't chat on ipad which is a pain....

I used to be able to chat using the meebo app on my phone using android. Sadly thats gone. I use the mobile 95% of the time but since chat has gone i log on a lot less. If i do see my friends online we now both have to log off ep and onto yahoo or google chat or msn or facebook etc... and some people will not want to jump onto other chat vehicles as they want to stay incognito.

I do

I use a Droid, not the latest phone but the holidays are coming............. If I do access EP from my Droid, what features are available?

I don't have an iphone, but I did use a regular phone to get to EP mobile. but recently, Its been impossible to get on the site now. :C

I don't have an iPhone!!

I downloaded the app onto my android - initialy it worked but then suddenly I found that it woudl not log me in with an error mesage along the lines of "you cant perform that right now" - so I havent used it.....when I did use it - it was a but difficult to navigate around.

I currantly don't own a smartphone

yes i have accessed EP on my i phone

Using Windows Mobile here and it works pretty good so far.