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EP On Your Smartphone!

Many of you visit EP while you're on the go, from your smartphone!

Whether you're using an iphone or android we'd love to chat with you and get your feedback on improving the mobile experience for all our members.

To participate please email with the subject line 'EP Mobile'

We hope to hear from you soon!
EPArsineh EPArsineh 26-30, F 273 Responses Nov 19, 2012

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I love it but adds are annoying and please make a app for it

Gotta scour to find a compatible browser for the chat, on ipad for example, but there is at least one: Puffin.

I love ep and everything in it but it'd be super great if the app would let us sign in to ep without us having to go to the actual web.

I always use my phone to share my experience on EP and I do appreciate your effort to make it better.

Find the site hard to navigate. Don't think an app would help much. Still not very sure how much I will continue to use the site anyway.

Needs an app
Hard to navigate
Requires cookies

Need an app

It's just generally un-efficint

i do use my phone but i cant seem to find a way to ask questions and its hards to get the the different sections of the website aswell

Thank you for the request for feedback...I'll send my feedback in an email as requested but will say the pesky chaser ad's spoil my EP experience on my smartphone. I understand the need for advertising but the chaser’s lock up my smartphone and make it impossible to enjoy. There has to be a better way to get the advertising message out with the intrusion. EP is a wonderful site and it’s a shame I cannot enjoy from my smartphone. dc

My only quibble is g the sign in bit. My back button undoes my login. Can you solve that? I tick " keep me signed in" but once i move away, them back say to prior page I'm logged bk out

I use my smart phone everyday to view ep and have no problems. Love it!!!

I do, try to build an Android application

To beable to upload photos !!

I didn't know I could I'll have to look into that.

When i try replying to a message the advertising line for Target gets on the way all the freakin' time so instead on clicking on send i end up clicking on the add....>=|.... Other than that its perfect:):)

It would be great to have an app for EP! Make it easier to get too and record your dreams and thoughts.

Sure! I would be happy to share my experience or try new software.

i dont even have a phone and im fine not using my phone for anything but games work and calls.

I use ep on my iPod and one thing I'd love to see is and app for it that way I don't have to save a tap on my Safari
Thank you

The buttons are way too close. I try to open one thing and all of a sudden I'm being dragged drives me nuts. I'm on a Samsung galaxy.

i do use a smartphone to log on to ep,bt it is a Symbian Belle.for 1 thing,ep doesnt get loaded if im not using a 3G connection or a wifi.another problem dat im facing is dt im not being able 2 use the advanced editor while replying to my mails.otherwise,logging on to ep is a remarkable experience

On I phone it is ok am new so will get back as I find out problems more than fat fingers.

Thank you

It's pretty good on the 4S.

For every one who doesnt like the adds I would guess you are using..... IE...wich is slow on mobiles and has no add or pop up blocker change your browser to one that does or will accept 3rd party pop-up /add blockers ...simplessss xxx

Would rather have an app....

Make an app is great solution

I do all the time. The pop ups are by far the most annoying part of that experience.

an app would be great :D

I use my android browser, and it's very hard to navigate because when I press a button, it detects that a pressed another.

An app would be amazing!

I use my iPhone. An app that makes the navigation easier would really help.