Today's Spam

Hi EP!

Today, I find every story (and many comments) include a word that is highlighted (blue) and underlined - which is (as you would guess) a link.

It sends you to a website that asks you to interact by completing a survey - or at least the one I opened did. Not sure if they all open the same page . . . 

Anyway, for me this is a NEW form of Spam.    I thought I'd bring it to your attention as I cannot imagine it has been authorised by EP.

Thanks for dealing with it!
enna30 enna30
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is the first report we've received, would you please provide and example either by sending us a link or a screenshot of the page? It can be sent to

Arsineh, simply open any story - including this one, and see the links in blue, underlined. If your editor does not allow that, simply join EP as a casual user and you will see it immediately. In this story the under.lined words are "word" and "survey" - ironic, huh??

Thanks EIT. Did this a few days ago - but not since these appeared. . . I'll give it a try.