Oranum Without A Click? Psychics Steals From The Weak-minded

the experience project should be ashamed of themselves !!
stronglatch stronglatch
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At least EP rep res[onded and yes those ads were getting in the way and becoming most annoying...don't mind the adds just keep them out of the way.


An EP "representative" response!?!

I agree... My ISP limits daily downloads... Those ads eat up my limit so I'm spending much less time on EP as a result... I miss it but am left with no choice...

what do you have one of those dumb *** wireless plans with a data limit???

Sadly it is the only ISP available beyond the end of the earth where I live :(

well that tells me all i need to know about wireless or are we talking AOL ?

It's a satellite connection...

something I've never heard of

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