EP Update: What We've Been Working On...and A Look Ahead

Since our last update a couple weeks ago, we've been plugging away working to add features to help members discover and browse interesting content, connect with others and more easily and comfortable share experiences.

If you missed our last list of updates, you can find it here: EP Link

As of now:

***You can now browse various experience groups and topics at the top of the stories page.  Click on the arrows to the left and right to skim through group thumbnails and find new, active topics that interest you!   You can check it out here:  EP Link

***You can opt to share stories anonymously!  We've often heard from members that they have a story to share but feel hesitant having it tied to their username, particularly when they're new and still unsure of how supportive the EP community can be.  This feature is still in beta testing, but you're encouraged to give it a try.  Visit your account settings and choose 'beta tests' to opt in.  Once you do so, you'll be given an option when sharing stories on the site, whether you want them to be public (tied to your username) or anonymous.  That's right, you can now share a story anonymously (without linking it to your username or avatar) Now with every new feature there are going to be members who may try to abuse the system--but fear not, we've taken precautions to assure that this doesn't cause a spike in inappropriate behavior and as always community flagging will help us build a better system for preventing abuse. 

***We know that the stories you share take time and a lot of thought.  That's why in the coming weeks we'll be working to give you more ways to manage, organize and view your stories and drafts! 

***There are a lot of great stories being shared on EP and we'll be giving you more ways to search 'top rated' stories so you can discover new and interesting stories you may have not otherwise come across.

***Lastly, we're working to give you more customization options on your activity feed so you can pick and choose who and what you receive updates on, via your feed.  We know that sometimes you may add a friend or join a group but would rather not see the group or that specific friend's activity on your feed. Soon you'll be able to hide certain types of activity from specific groups and friends, without having to leave the group or unfriend the member.  This is just one of many features to come in the future to help you build a more personalized and enjoyable activity feed so you can more quickly access updates you care about most without shifting through the noise.

Hope you're excited about these improvements and appreciate the update on what's to come.

We always love hearing your comments, so don't be shy! 

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I don't know why you changed the format. i used to be able to see if any of my friends were online when i checked my mail-- i can't do that now... Jim

what is the use of asking a question like this if no one from EP is going to respond with a reply ?

I miss all the activities of my friends if I don't go on the profile of every single one because I don't receive updates since a while. Maybe it's a problem because I use an iPad? The chat doesn't work on my mobile device since I joined ep.

How do you get points ? I get messages saying that 2 points have been added but I have no idea why, it just seems like a random event ? Is there a standard for the points being added ?

Is it possible to change your circle so you can arrange your circle by the newest to the oldest added or alphabetically.....like a drop down box where you can change the order ?


The activity filter would be great, and I'd love to help test that out. Some groups are illustrative of me, but are also very popular and generate disproportionate updates, thus pushing activity I would like to see down.

I can appreciate the desire for anonymous stories. I may only publish a few to help test the feature though, as I maintain EP as completely separate from my other activities online for a good reason: I have chosen it as a haven for everything that is me. Unlike Facebook, for example.

it sounds nice guys! thanks!!

Can't say I'm thrilled with the "price increase" on sending a photo. Six tokens? REALLY?

If we write an 'anonymous' story, will it still increase our points?

Well done EPA, you keep on making the site better

"Anonymous" looks good, and so do the other new features.

you so crack me up. did you like miss a meeting or something???
or maybe forget to read them terms of service, yeah.
internal spaM is quite simply in the eye o^of the beholder.
furthermore It's a god damn prerequisite when mooning on a free website.

I'll be interested to see what experiences are posted this way. I hope it will give even more people an opportunity to share their experiences in a way that might feel safer for them.

Sounds better and better, to me! I was hesitant about either groups or stories when I first came on EP, and these features would have been nice!
GLAD for the improvements to come, and I hopefully can help add to them, eventually....(STILL figuring out EP, somewhat, myself...)

^_^ thank you!

That's nice. Thank you for working on this project, I like it a lot.

Thanks Arsineh, and thanks everyone on EP staff! It's great to know what you guys are up to every once and a while. All my love!


All of these are fine, but I still hope for an easier way to remove the hundreds of fans I have. They might be fans of me, great, but I'm not here on an ego trip to see how many fans I can have - if I like a fan he becomes a friend. If not, bi

Ceywat? : | Seriously, Ally69 has a point. Why is there no option to refuse a fan, just like there is one to make a fan a friend. It is annoying to just have a long list of these "fans" (non-friends) virtually lurking outside your front door. If there is a reason, it would be good to know.

if u dont want to look at your fan list, then dont! And even if you do, I cant see a reason why are those fans bothering you anyway?

It's obvious it doesn't bother you, but why would it bother you that it bothers others?

I am not crazy about the idea of peeps writing stories without taking ownership of them. From the beggining with my first EP name a few years ago, I have told all - beyond what most would tell and I could care less that anyone knows. I hope I can block the stories of people that decide to write without using their names? They need to grow some, ya know? LMAO and stand up for what they write and beleive in! Just an opinion! Love ya Arsineh! Kim


*slow motion* What da fuq?

Thank you. I am very interested in your news, I certainly will use them.. ;-)

change is good,,without change life would flatline...........

I want to applaud EP for rolling out some warning of these changes in a way that reaches us all. People are talking about the beta and the changes. This will make the transition much smoother. Great effort! Thanks.

thank you so much! i'm really excited for all the improvements EP has been making. :D

As always you have my appreciation and support,well done EP.:-)


Yay EP : )

As always, please thank the staff for trying to help the vast number of members find new and interesting ways of expressing ourselves.
Your hard work and listening to our needs have paid off for so many of us !!

Thank you and please have a blessed holiday season !!

Thanks much, still enjoying ep daily.

One enhancement I'd like to see is having it be easier for us to add a photo from our own hard disk to a story.

When in the advanced text editor and you click on the left icon of the two for images you are presented a screen the top line of which says [Image Info] [Upload] with text blocks for that image info below the two buttons. The [Image Info] button has already been depressed so the next two lines refer to an image on the internet. If, however, you click the [Upload] button the next stuff will refer to the image on your hard drive with Send it to the Server above a text block which has [Browse] after the text block. When you click browse you will be shown a a screen the exact content depending upon your browser of choice. Navigate to the picture you want to add to the story, click on it and the text block indicating the location on your hard drive should be filled-in. Then click on the [Send it to the Server] button in blue below the text block; this will show you a preview box with your picture. Below the preview box are buttons to [OK] or {Cancel] that selection. If you [OK] it like magic it will show up in your story.
In short: click left image icon, click [Upload] click [Browse] navigate to image, click the image, click [Open] on your navigate screen, click [Send it to the Server], click [OK]

Thanks! I'll try it.

I appreciate all of your efforts to make EP better. EP is different and enjoyable !

Thank you so much for this great EP site <3

I'm shy.

I appreciate all the changes and work EP has been doing on site...
my 2 comments are
1. the whole live psychic ad that shows on my screen is distracting and kinda creepy
2. for whatever reason, this is the only site that causes my computer to freeze, kick me off, and just plain acts unstable...
thanks, sorry these are both negative...but
is what it is...
joyinthejourney, clg

thank you so much !!!

Sounds like a very good feature for there are times I many only want a select group to hear what I have to say or read my stories. At times I even like to share stories with no one but myself.

Nice improvement ideas...

I like your site, however there are two things that annoy me and would seem to me to be an easy fix. One is not tying gifts/gestures and messages together. If someone sends me a gift/jesture with a message that is all it needs to be and not also go to my messages. It is double effort to have to remove them from both places as opposed to just deleting them from gestures or gifts.
Second. This new thing with the psychics is very annoying. I am opposed to them and don't think Ineed to be pestered on every page by them. I sure would like the option of clicking them off.

Hi. How are you?

I really like the new groups browsing! It used to bug me that I couldn't choose current topics since I'm trying to respond to stories in ways that might help someone, I'd rather read a current story than one that was popular 2 years ago. Thanks.

It will also be good to choose types of info on my feed. I find myself searching for stories and questions written by people in my circle more than anything. I try to respond to their stuff first before I go to the general question area. This will make it easier to find them. Thanks again.

thank you! :)

Thank you and a happy Christmas to you and all there.

"we'll be working to give you more ways to manage, organize and view your stories and drafts!" Good. I would really like to be able to create my own categories for my stories. A friend of mine recently pasted for me the categories my stories were broken down into in a listing she was able to view on my Stories page. (I am not able to see those categories on my own version of my Stories page.) I did not find the list of categories she pasted for me to be of very much use at all.

I am glad, however, that there is now a month-by-month listing in the Stories archive.

I agree about categories for stories. Or categories for my groups, especially. Yeah, the "month-by-month listing" is good. It's something.

Great job..Much appreciation from heart.. I wish all success in your every endeavor.

i am not shy :) thanx dear...

Great but any chance the bit you used to have where you could see what your mood had been on the preceeding days had been could reappear or if its still there can you tell me where thank you

Me too

Great! Please include, the unkind vibe that showed up on the whiteboard I saw once(6-7 months ago) that warned (like a thief)." Doesn't matter if you say 'copyright' or not" Yet, this currently the best protection we have.
I have lost with my husband so much to the legal steal. Now that he is passed I am most grateful for the loving years. But could use what we 'on the level' deserved (residual (wise). It has taken me to see the cost of a copyright, done thru the Library of Congress in the states, go from 20 dollars to (last look) 149 dollars. My suggestion is to help us all understand how best to try to protect pouring our hearts out. I don't know if there exists an international hub or just a check box EP might have to help verification of date & time allowing the means to release of author on an (as needed basis) that might help Good Faith with the legality of paperwork which is required ahead of when written by whom, prior to when received or ability to pay.
Hope this is helpful. At 19 yrs old it sure would have been to me.
Thank you x's 3


we need a chat option here and everythimg is allright.

Really awesome STEP...




Thank you!

Yes we need some chat options here, all other websites have chat, and i like here a lot, actually we all do, so please try to find a way to make online chat.


Chat between friends. Cause everyone together won't be pretty.

I'm with you, so everybody still have some privacy.

Applause, I'm an old stick in the mud and usually protest changes, but, these sound like improvements, so those kinds of changes are most welcomed!

yes I'm very happy with those improvements. I'd rather post my stories anonymously.

Is there anyway you could add an online chat function that does not require downloading an application?

Can we get a story on how you ep staff keep check on everything thats coming in on ep and what all your rolls are on the computers. The overall runnings of ep hq. The special tricks you have that make the job easier. Those type of things.

Thank you for the work and effort put in , very grateful for these new posting venues, well done.


Yeah, whats up with the points and tokens?? It is rather obnoxious.
I have emailed and inquired MANY times regarding being able to delete multiple WB comments, as we currently can on email - I have received ZERO response from anyone at EP..At least acknowledge that you are aware of it.
Thanks :)

I love you. Tokens suck. I want to know how they will charge tokens for new features. It looks like my question/comment was deleted from this thread.

All nice, but you are ignoring the elephant in the room.What is the status on the personal ep arsineh virtual assistant? Or the ep arsineh voice plug in for our gps navigators? Or the ep arsineh perfume? Or the ep arsineh edible panty line? When are you going to start focusing on the things that really matter to us?

^^^Coppy has a point

^^^^^ediez has a point about my having a point.

.&lt;-------------always has a point when it comes to agreeing with your point

LOL!!!!!!!!! :-)

Well, point that point somewhere else, it's making me uncomfortable.

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I can't wait for customizable Recent Activity! I can add more friends this way. :D

Sounds like a great feature :)

Would be nice to have a main chat page or live forum times. Also a my groups selection on main menu would be so much easier :)

I would like to see this forum become powerful enough that if someone asks for help that someone who lives near them can answer and help them. Just a dream for a better world that I have.

I need some themes for mine and not the ugly free ones that's offered.

Oh I guess I should be jumping up and down with excitement.

Anonymous stories? Yeah ..........the trolls will have fun with that. Jeeeeeebus!

.whats that supposed to mean?

LOL good shot!! :)

.not really since he cant seem to back it up.

. we're anonymous enough. no reason to have the option of posting anonymous stories. Now we'll have wanna be trolls posting hateful stories on so and so. Good luck with the "flagging". And im still waiting on Prince Charming up there to clarify his comment to me. Doucher &lt;------see that? not anonymous.

. oh i know Sparkling. And that's fine......... but thats what the anonymous confession side of the place should be used for.
Its all good by me- this should all be interesting

. actually, adding vids or a pic to an anonymous confession would be great. ehhh.... am totally against the anon stories. But, you guys love it. so what can one do? Bring on the anon stories!

Ediez is no troll.. she is a drunken snow white orca smurf, get it straight.

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no way - im not sure about anonymous -

Sharing stories anonymously sounds like a scary idea to me

with anonymity people will be less likely to censor their stories I can see alot of people posting weird sh!t

Yes I know I'm just saying this could exaggerate the situation

FAQ. For very repetitive questions :)

Have you heard from your EX lately? Would you take your EX back? Do you still love your EX. Do you think you EX still loves you?

Who cares?

It seems you've missed all the important things that members have been asking for though. Where are the better earned tokens, addition saftey and easier ways to navigate?

I think confessions make a big part of this site.