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Hi Arsineh,

I seem to remember this mentioned previously, but if there is not one already, could you guys please include an option to "unsubscribe" from story comment updates? I get them from stories I commented on lonnnnng ago.

If there is a way to unsubscribe and anyone knows how to do it (I looked everywhere for an "unsubscribe" or similar button and didn't see one), I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

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There was once an option to unsubscribe from the stories without going through email. I wonder what happened to that?

Yes, hopefully they bring that back so we don't have to log into anything else to make that change

RedRubies--We're working to give you the option on EP, but in the meantime the only way to unsubscribe would be through an email notification. You'll see a link to unsubscribe from the story at the base of the email.

Thank you Arsineh, I appreciate your response :)

There is a link in the email. Its just the story url appended with ?uws=t

Joey, just to be clear: I need to log into the email account associated with EP in order to unsubscribe from a story thread? Is this not an option you guys can include on EP in some manner? I rarely log into the email account I use for EP,

Since you dont use the email you get updates sent to, why do you need to unsubscribe?

Because I get notifications in my feed (recent activity) and it's just more stuff to sort through

And yes.... I do use it, just not often

ok. so that recent activity feed is gonna get redone by next month. Is that where you go to check up on stories your subscibed to?
To us, a subscription is primarily email-related

That would be great if it got a do-over. The recent activity is just one of the places I look, but yes, it is useful for seeing stories I have subscribed to. (Er... and not subscribed to since I am now automatically subscribed to anything I comment on!)

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This is a totally good idea!!