Rating Up Stories

Paying tokens to rate up stories de values the rating.

Example here - EP Link

Maybe a rethink needed?
Endthegame Endthegame
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6 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I see that Ms enna's story "Outsourcing Your Needs" is now rated at 448, thus eclipsing "All That Glitters" (by deleted) rated at 321 as the highest rated story on the board.

The records presently don't reflect this state of affairs, but in anticipation of the next update doing so, congratulation Ms enna.

But now I feel cheated as my rate up of "All that glitters" was such a waste... Maybe I will pop an extra 50 rate ups on it to get some balance back.... But isnt that wrong? This just means I want to downgrade "Outsourcing your needs" rather than upgrade all that glitters...

<p>I just went back to "Outsourcing Your Needs" and was able to pump another 50 likes onto it (@ 1 token per like). That was my 3rd successful "load it up" trip there and I assume I could do it for a 4th and more times.</p><p>Such a "like" function is meaningless now.</p><p>Which brings up the "value" of tokens generally. I can't see as how EP would any less a place if there were no tokens. I've still got 200 "tokens" available to waste, plus just under 60,000 useless (as far as I can see) "points".</p><p>Tread your own path.</p>

Dang how do you use these b tokens?

Presuppossing you have tokens to waste wisi, pick a story - eg "Outsourcing Your Needs" (hint hint !!!!! lol) and go to the Rate Up button at bottom left of story. Left click. And away you go, madly left clicking, each click escalates your rate up level. You can go to a max of 99.

If we all do this, we ought be able to knock "All That Glitters" off the board as the highest rated story, and have "Outsourcing Your Needs" as the new champ !!

And, it will get rid of your useless tokens in blocks of 99.

Lol. A user has rated up my story 20 times! I love the irony. Well done betenoire, who ever you are.

ETG,the link you provided was very helpful. And I am glad Baz took the time to test the system. And your right, now, it is just away to stuff the ballot box.

I always assumed the rate up option was allowed as a one time only per member. But apparently not..Baz was able to rate up the story 99 times....

In fact MsN, I was able to rate it up (by a max of 99 per attempt) numerous times.

So I did.

Thanks for sharing you concern. We've been following this closely to make sure the tool is not abused and instead helping to showcase great stories on EP.<br />
<br />
Though a member can choose to spend their tokens to rate up a story they don't value, that member will be depleting their token savings. Tokens which can be used to purchase gifts, and participate in site wide EP parties are used sparingly by many and using them to rate up a story one doesn't feel connected to, is an uncommon occurrence.

I agree with the others here, Arsineh, it seems like "cheating" for one person to rate up a story more than one time. Since this change was made, I don't pay attention to the number of "rate ups" a story has received as it seems inauthentic now.

Although token paid rate ups may be a rare event and have no real measurable impact it is the perception of the users that needs to be taken into account. It comes down to trust. If your users do not trust the system it will loose value very quickly and may be hard to get back. I understand your motivation in creating this system but feel a mistake has been made.