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I've had an idea for an activity that would cause more group interaction for years years now. I was so tired of joining these groups on fb where everyone wanted to be heard but didn't want to listen to anyone else. I noticed how ineffective the posts were when nobody else was reading any of them. ..meanwhile the posters seemingly had the feeling they had delivered their messages to the masses.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to have to make a comment or so on any post before one can post anything. It wouldn't have to be one for one exchange, persa, But maybe have to keep a rolling balance, like a checking account. If so desired, one could spend time building up a bank of comments, then make posts against those comments.

Maybe there could be penalties paid out in comments, remarks and/or answers for those of us who cause the asterisk police to go all talaban with the censorship. Something in the spirit of good fun..

How about a certain kind of membership one can join that keeps that kind of score and pays dividends in the way of cold or gift credit.? I know there's already something like that, im just sayin'..   
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Thanks for sharing this idea. I can definitely understand the good intentions behind this idea. Some members come to EP because they have a story/confession they need to get off their chest, others enjoy browsing but sometimes can't find the words to comment though they show their appreciation through rating up stories. We don't want to limit members and force them to interact artificially--though we are going to take your general idea of your suggestion as we work to add more ways for members to interact and show their appreciation/support for one another.

As member comment, share, and make other positive contributions on EP they are awarded points. As they reach point milestones they're awarded free tokens which can be used to purchase premium gifts and more.

I figured there would be a problem if members were forced into such a plan, that's why I added the possibility of there being a type of membership where members would voluntarily go into such a plan and they could do their thing AND the thing everyone is currently doing. Maybe those who don't want to participate can only interact w/ others who don't want to participate meanwhile, those in plan b can interact with everyone, including the nonparticipants. It wouldn't be forcing, merely persuading. To let members contribute or not is what is going on now and people are people. They will continue to post w/o commenting. I'm thinking if anyone is so put out that they leave bogus comments, maybe their comments should have a rating system tied to the plan b account. If they prove to be trolls, let them go back to craigslist and facebook. Quantity is okay, but quality is better. To interact artificially is at least interaction. Aren't many, sometimes, most of the questions based on artificial interaction anyway? Mind you, these are just rough ideas, not the least bit presentable as plans.

* per se

okay, I owe you one answer, reply or comment. lol We'll call this one, it. hehehe seriously, thanks for the heads up. i drew a total blank and whatever I did leave there wasn't underlined in red so that was good enough at the time.