Stack Overflow At Line 4995

Every time a page from your site loads I get a "Stack Overflow at line 4995" pop up. I clear it the page seems to work fine. It is annoying. I do not get this message on any site except EP.
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I get this too ON EVERY PAGE I CLICK ON!!! Again, only on the computer (Windows XP SP2) and not on my phone!

Stack overflow messages deal with memory problems, or specifically that you do not have enough of it... This is causing your script to run slower along with technical problems.;pop

See if this helps.

Worth the trouble to download anyway. Only thing I use anymore on this 8 yo Toshiba frankenstein.

Computers are starting to become more accessible to everyone, even those that could not afford one years ago can now find themselves online. Hard to believe that the IBM home pc was introduced at nearly 3,000. The 100 dollar pc will one day be a reality.

Of course, with performance comes a premium - then you are talking about Alienware and Vodoo.

I've got a $100 pc plugged into the charger as I type. They cal it a phone, but it does things that IBM never even DREAMED of doing. =)

Your link doesn't work either. I only get this error on EP. Every other sight I go to works just fine.

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It is almost every page that loads. If I check my profile or someone elses it happens. If I check out groups in common in happens.

Sorry for the frustration--We want to get this sorted out for you, quickly. Would you tell me which page or what you're trying to do on the site when you receive this error?

Ive also been suffering from the stack overflow, its been happening for a few months now.

For me it happens with anything i click, so every time a page loads, no matter what the content is i get the message. It reads, MESSAGE FROM WEB PAGE, "stack overflow at line 4995"

Example, as soon as i logg in, MESSAGE, click profile, MESSAGE, click mail, MESSAGE, stories, MESSAGE, search anything, MESSAGE, even if i am viewing pictures in an album, every picure i move on to i get the MESSAGE. I think you get the general idea, but im not sure if EP is "getting the message". This is a serious problem for me and many other EP users and its driving us mad.

Countless google searches and tweeks have failed to rectify anything from my end, so on the basis others have the same problem, it has to be EP related surely.