I don't know if you have ever considered adding a favorites button like on other sites. There are a bunch of experiences on here that i have enjoyed and don't mind reading multiple times. One in particular that i read today, i wanted to keep track of and have a way to go back to it.
For that i thought that a favorites button would be perfect for. it's a way to keep in touch with people we've have started chatting with, and be able to find stories we already like, plus it can also be a way for others to find similar interests.
If other people can see our favorites lists; things like favorite topics, questions, experiences, and things like that, than we can actually get to know people a little better still.
Plus it could be an added way to make coins for the people that post experiences. something like: for every person that favorites your post, you get three coins, and for every post that you favorite (since it will now give the post added visibility on your list.) you get one coin.
I don't know, just thought that these may be interesting ideas, and i found this. Decided that i'd message you guys. hope it proves useful. =^]

take care.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I like your idea, I hope that the EP staff listens to you.

There used to be such a function/button, for stories. And then a month or so ago favoriting stories got merged with rating up stories, so that stories we rate up are automatically added to our libraries of our favorites on here, and also we're automatically subscribed to any stories we rate up. Though we don't necessarily want to save or subscribe to every story we rate up, or vice versa. But that's probably the only way now to save stories to one's library.

We haven't yet emailed out these lists but I do have your name on our list of members who expressed interest. We'll be getting these lists out in the next day or two.