Inappropriate Flagging

Mindgirl posted a very inappropriate attack on Christians and Christianity. Mindgirl or her friends then took offense at my responses to her attacks and appear to have flagged my responses because they began disappearing one by one.

This kind of flagging is not proper or appropriate. It is a form of attack upon an individual for no better reason than she does not like what I have to say but is incapable of carrying on a civil debate or responding to honest and straight-forward questions asked in a civil and respectful manner.

I have been a long time very active member of EP. I strongly resent this kind of behavior against me. If EP cannot establish fair and equitable means of dealing with this issue, I will leave EP as have many of my conservative and moderate friends who are no longer willing to put up with unfounded attacks by anarchists, extreme liberals, and others who incite people to anger and then refuse to honestly debate them by flagging them.

This is unacceptable and unconscionable behavior.
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Here, here! When someone posts an opinion that is different from others, what right does the EP establishment have to sensor?

We have no guarantee in Life that we won't be offended by something.

Here, here! When someone posts an opinion that is different from others, what right does the EP establishment have to sensor?

We have no guarantee in Life that we won't be offended by something.

punnished..> if you can't respond with an opinion then
what good is freedom?

gypsy..... pun we cant respond why? u write nasty things on our white /b then you block us.

i under stand your trying to fit in with these people but u might want to sit back and read thier stories to get a better grip on their stance.

some have Integrity- others do not, some may hop off the integrity band wagon at times, then get back on, but u punnished act all nice till they disagree with you or challenge you, then you turn into a Combative horridly vile person. ugggg..

punnished>> Tell that to gypsy w

gypsy..> yes i have flagged you,I DID WRITE e/p LETER why... because you took ur side kick knightrunners advice to take my story and us it against me, duhhhh

punnished>broke the golden rule of having an opinion. That's all it takes with them.

gypsy... pun, u are guilty of the very same thing you just wrote about us ...

All I did was say that her positions on several issues were irrational and irreconcilable. No curse words, epithets, name-calling

gypsy...>Are postion may be as you put it " irrational and irreconcilable." to you, but not to us and many others...

gypsyblu --I certainly understand that. People have the right to their own opinions and to disagree with one another. You can disagree with me and I with you. You can choose to debate or argue with me and I with you. All of that is perfectly acceptable. We may never agree on some points, one of us may convince the other on some points, or one or the other of us may change our mind for some other reason. For example, my entire thinking process and beliefs regarding homosexuality have changed over the last several years. Not that I ever had a problem with anyone who was gay, or acted in any way less than courteously to those I knew to be gay; But my thinking about a lot of subtexts regarding homosexuality, gay rights etc. have changed.

All of that said, no one has the right, or should have the right to "Flag" someone with whom they disagree. That erases everything they said. That ends communication and the opportunity to learn, to reason, and yes, to even change someone's mind. When you "Flag" someone, you are telling the EP system that that person has violated the written EP Terms of Service. You are not supposed to "Flag" someone just because the two of you disagree. It is a form of censorship and is in fact against the rules of the Terms of Service of EP, for which you can be banished from EP.

All of that said, no one has the right, or should have the right to "Flag" someone with whom they disagree

gypsy... yes i get that

punnished......That's because EP management backs the
the hateful feminist on here

gypsy ....punninshed i have what you wrote on my white/b- i think you need to re think what you u said about being hateful...

When a member behaves inappropriately, please flag their account/post so staff and review and address it quickly.

Using the flagging system maliciously to flag content that doesn't violate EP Community guidelines is a violation of our terms of service. We review flags and track who is flagging what. Members who repeatedly misuse the flagging system will be suspended from EP.

We're investigating this situation. In the meantime block this member to prevent them from interacting with you.

EPArsineh -- Please see the exchange above from gypsyblu. She in essence admits that she and her friends "Flag" people who disagree with them or who they believe have "taken sides" against them with someone else with whom they disagree. These people need to be instructed on the rules regarding flagging and if they continue, they need to be banned from EP.

Yet she's making herself out to be quite the martyr, lol.

EP PLEASE let us have a more adult approach to censorship. It is unnecessary for the adults of the site. Nobody has the right to go through life unoffended by the views of others, and as an American site you aren't showing off your reputation for free speech to good advantage by allowing inappropriate flagging

This is exactly why the flagging system is SERIOUSLY flawed. The same thing has happened to me a couple of times. I think this issue really needs to be looked into, as it is removing valid opinions because people are unwilling to listen and thus exploit the flagging system.

I have questions up where, to my great displeasure, replies that were probably made by my friends have disappeared.<br />
<br />
I am hoping that we will not be told here that comments, answers, and replies never disappear before being reviewed by EP staff, because I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT. I have found to a certainty that this is not the case. I cannot go into all the details on open site because it would be dangerous to disclose that where unscrupulous members could see it. EP Support has itself said in the past that it all relies on "the community" to some extent to determine the visibility of our posts. Let me say it bluntly : an unscrupulous member and her flagging-pack friends ARE NOT "THE COMMUNITY" <br />
<br />
I have a good friend named NewChrissy who is one of the most intelligent people on EP. She has largely given up commenting and posting stories because the comments disappear and the stories land in restricted viewing status ("EP Jail.") due to the efforts of malicious flaggers who stalk her. (This is a issue distinct from the issue of the conflict between EP Support and her over her critical comments directed at the former in this group.)<br />
<br />
No member posts should disappear unless reviewed first by EP staff and found to violate WRITTEN neutral and neutrally applied guidelines that have been made available to the whole membership. <br />
<br />
I believe that there have been numerous instances of EP staffers acting on the basis of their personal attitudes rather than in integrity as I just outlined. A well-known member who was quite beloved by lickitysplit, me, and many others has already left EP because of that reason. That, of course, is a second issue in addition to the issue of comments disappearing or being "hidden" (must be clicked on in order to be seen) before they are ever reviewed.

I would rather boldface than capitalize on comments if I had the option.


She should loose her account due to repeated history of Inappropriate Flagging. She is a good example of a troll. I wonder how much truth is in the profile, especially age.

...EP should just give her a warning, everyone deserves a chance to learn and second chances!

..if people want to be tolerated by others, then they must tolerate others too.

these types of things happen on EP all the time,
those who cannot stand for their own cause,
would try to seek to eradicate the cause of others,
because they ARE NOT SURE of their own cause in anyways.
...childish cowards they are,
dude you have already won the battle,
don't you know?!

I do. However, it still angers me. Thanks for the support. is like who would really believe them if they SEEK to make the counter evidence disappear of the other party? how can they prove their cause if they seek to throw a veil over yours? there would be nothing for people to compare to take them seriously if they are serious about their cause, then they should be able to keep the cause they are trying to contradict OUT IN THE OPEN, for people to COMPARE CAUSES as to which one is more worthy to consider, you know what I MEAN?

The funny thing BansheeAngel, is that I really do not care if someone chooses differently from myself. I see from your profile that you are Wiccan. I respect your choice. I have no issue with agnostics or with atheists. I have no desire to convert others to my religious faith and refuse even to try. I simply do not want them to attack me for my faith.

...lmfao... those who are intolerant wish not to learn from others, through "tolerance" comes spiritual growth.

So very true.

I can only conclude that someone who claimed to be a Christian at some time in the life of people like Mindgirl must have badly hurt them in some way. I am always willing to hear what others have to say. At my age (61) I admit it is unlikely I will change my fundamental political or religious beliefs, but I can and I do. My views of gender identity, gay marriage, and several other issues have evolved over time as I have learned more by listening to what others have to say. I have even discovered things about myself here on EP that I did not realize through the process of examining and describing my thoughts, feelings, and positions.

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