Random Confession Reactions

Dear EP,

I am writing to appeal that the random confession reactions be fixed. I do not think it is helping anyone. It has become a decoration that does not serve to help but derail the authors.

When an author posts a confession and immediately sees random confession reactions, I do not think they would feel supported. Personally, I feel like there are these nonexistent Jokers who are humoring me. Worse, when I feel really down and I see are "teehees", I become incensed.

From what I know, the current status on the random confession reactions is that only the author will see the accurate view counter. Others will see a faulty one.

As an author, I think mine is still glitched as refreshing my confessions only makes them change every time. Sometimes, the reactions would reach as many as five when I know there have been no reactions yet. I would refresh and they'd go back to 2, or 0, then zoom back up to 3. It is really quite random. I know they are random as all these transpire it only matter of seconds. I do not think a few EPeeps managed to alter their reactions in those few seconds. Hence, I have grown to ignore the counter at the bottom but yes, there are times that I have been very curious on what reactions the community clicked. But what can I do? They will remain a mystery to me.

As a member of the EP community, I would also like to see the accurate reaction counter of each confession. I would like to gauge how the community felt after reading them. I want to know if it was only I who felt sad or happy or shocked. In that sense, even when reading, I would still feel a sense of connection with other EPeeps.

EP, I do not see how making the confession reactions random is supporting the members. At the very best, they are only making the authors confused on how and why the counter is that way. At the very worst, they are making improper and inappropriate feedbacks that would either annoy or make the author sadder.

I really have tried to get used to these particular glitch all these months, but I can't. Please, I want to have the accurate confession reaction counter back. Thank you.
mareliberum mareliberum
2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Thanks for sharing this post and expressing your confusion over the current reaction counter for confessions, there are certainly others who feel the same way and we want to take this opportunity to clear things up.

As the author of a confession you will see an accurate breakdown of the reactions your confession has received. Members who visit your confession and are not the author of the confession can choose to react but the reaction count they see will be random since this information is only available to the author.

We'll work on changing this display to minimize the confusion.

If you feel that as the author you are still getting an inaccurate list of reactions, please send me an link to one of your confessions and an example of how the reactions listed changed randomly, and we'll use that information to investigate for a possible bug.

Thank you for the response, EPArsineh. I think your explanation clears most of the confusion regarding the confession reaction counter.

I too have noticed the confession reaction counter being messed up.