Volunteer Toolbox Still Not Working 3 Months On From First Reporting It.

It is with reject that I have to use this forum to TRY to get some action taken on the broken Volunteers Toolbox.I have more than once reported this to Arsineh who comes back with her stock answer that the EP staff are overworked and will look into the problem.I have also reported this to EP Support who acknowledged they knew of the problem however gave no indication whether they had any intention of fixing it.
To most,I am sorry to bore you with this technical issue however I will explain the problem.Part of the remit of being a volunteer is to encourage the new members to become active on the site.There is a feature for the Volunteers that leads us to the latest stories written by new members.This feature has not been working for over three months now hence the new members are not getting the encouragement to go on posting new experiences,this in turn could have an adverse effect upon whether they will post a second experience.
No matter who may write a story or an experience it is always welcome for us to get some feedback on what we have posted.Many do read our experiences however few leave any responce.This can be evidenced by viewing the numbers who have read your post against the amount of comments/feedback given.
EP Arsineh,I have tried and tried to get this resolved,to get an answer,any answer whether you have any intention of fixing the toolbox.I am fed up to my back teeth banging my head against a stone wall that is EP ! I know of many volunteers who feel just as strongly on this point as I.
I have a suggestion EP,if you can't be bothered even responding to mail coming to you through the correct channels from your volunteers with suggestions on how to improve the Volunteering aspect of the site why not disband the Volunteering community altogether? Arsineh is the face of the EP staff,to her credit I think she and the whole EP team are doing terrific work creating new and adventurous features,alas the new members are getting forgotten whilst they strive to improve.
For goodness sakes please make a decision,the Volunteers can't continue assisting you whilst having one hand tied behind their back.A workforce is only as good as it's tools!

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Garvan--I appreciate your passion for improving EP and all the efforts you make as a volunteer to help your fellow EPeeps particularly new members of the community.

You have brought this bug to my attention and our staff is aware thank you. My answer to you has not changed, though I'm sorry you feel it's a 'stock answer' it's an honest one.

We are a small staff here at EP and with only so many hours in each day we can't make ever improvement we want to make immediately and with the snap of our fingers.

We certainly have this bug on our to-do list and have every intention of getting it corrected though I will not promise you that it'll happen tomorrow.

Until we fix this bug, volunteers are encouraged to continue welcoming new members which makes a big difference and let's new comers know that EP is a positive, supportive space.

Arsineh,you are getting very defensive and predictable,three months waiting for a feature to be fixed is excessive.It is not my intention to be critical,I have made my point.

Arsineh , 12/16/2012 , My toolbox has the same malfuction as I noted it today after sending out welcome messages / New User stories are not showing up at all ergo we as Volunteers have no way to take note of them nor to respond to them .

It's weird, I signed up to volunteer about a month ago but I am guessing I have been ignored or they don't want me as I am still waiting for my email. Maybe they don't want us? o_O

@TheWanderingSupertramp,Hi,EP generally leaves it up to the volunteers what to do.If you go to your profile page,look on the left hand column you will see EP Volunteer,you need to click on that,you are then presented with a page whereby you can welcome new members.You should also be able to read stories that the new members have written,this feature is broken ( and the reason for this post )....Good to have you on board :-)

Oh! According to what it says when you sign up to volunteer, you are supposed to be sent an email in the next couple of days to fill you in ect. How misleading!

Thanks for volunteering. As Garvan points out, you should see a link on the left hand column of your profile page that reads, 'EP Volunteer' Let us know if you're seeing the link.