A Few Problems

Just a few problems I am having at the moment which I would like to bring to your attention (again).

1. When someone writes a story in the I Want to Improve the Experience Project which you reply to asking for answers, could you please check them and respond? Then amount of times I have replied to a question asked by a staff member, only to have to follow up weeks later makes me wonder if you are actually doing anything...

2. I still can no longer remove all the groups I want to from my profile. I have writen a story here previously which you replied to, but after answering you I have recieved no feed back and the problem still hasn't been fixed.

3. The same goes for tokens. I am still yet to recieve any in the past week or so, althought I have written over 30 stories in the past 4 days. Could you please follow this up, and also provide a list for what we earn tokens for and how often (or direct me to a page)?

4. I have goals on my profile which I am trying to remove but cannot. Is there something you can do to fix this?

Your reply would be much appreciated.
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Thanks for taking the time to share these concerns/suggestions.

We subscribe to each story we respond to and do our best to quickly respond to additional information posted on the 'I Want to Improve EP' group. If for any reason you feel your question wasn't completely addressed please feel free to reach out to me directly via PM or email help@experienceproject.com

We're currently investigating the issue you're encountering with group deletions.

As for tokens, they are rewarded when you reach point milestones. These milestones are not public and are meant to be a surprise but know that as you accumulate more points you are getting closer to being rewarded free tokens. You can find out which activities reward you how many tokens here: http://www.experienceproject.com/points.php

Setting a group as a goal is no longer an option on EP, though members are encouraged to join groups that describe your future hopes/intentions, such as 'I want to..." "I hope to..." etc. We're currently discussing how to address old goals that members have added in the past and will keep you updated.

Your aren't understanding what I am saying. You ask us to provide you with information but do nothing in regards to following up with the answers we provide you.

Your link mentions nothing about TOKENS Arsineh, I am talking about TOKENS, not points. No wonder people are so confused!

Read what I wrote please. I am trying to REMOVE goals, which will not work.

Still waiting for answers!