E P Is Driving Me Crazy! !

To all of the people in power to do any thing to help relive my stress and frustration. . . HELP!   I have been a member here at E P for some time.   Every time I log on  my password is not accepted. I have to go thru process of clicking on "Forgotten Password" which takes me to another page where I have to type in my email address, close that page, go to my email inbox and wait until I receive a email to "Reset Password".  During business hours this takes a minute or two but during the hours after midnight or on weekends I can wait hours. After following the instructions I am directed to another site where I have to type in a new password, then retype it to conform. If the password is accepted then I can finally open the E P home page. The next time I log on I have to thru this. OVER and OVER and OVER again.
I have sent many complaints into E P about this and haven't even gotten a response. This is a pain in the ***.  Please correct this for me.
Thank You!
gottaflirt gottaflirt
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

This sounds awfully frustrating and we want to have this sorted out for you right away. I'm working with our engineers to investigate the issue.