A Few Little Things

Ok, I see that you store the number of stories a user has posted in a short int. 65535 stories seems like enough for any user, right?  But you index them by user name, so "deleted" is up to 65535 already.  That also implies that you can "recycle" user names here.  That could be problematic if I adopt the name of a well-known troublemaker, or a much beloved but retired former member.  Have you considered using a unique userid for each user and keeping the username as just another tag?  That would let you match returning users to their previous EP lives (if your intent is to allow that) or it would allow "deleted" to have only 65 stories, and "deleted" to have her 12, and so on.

And another thing.  It really bothers me that I can't format replies and stories and such.  I experimented with HTML tags - < and so forth.  Sometimes it takes them and sometimes it replays them as literals and sometimes they just disappear.  But the fact that I can use less-than i greater than for italics most of the time makes me nervous about script tags, as well as funny strings used as usernames when I go to sign up.  "Welcome, _sql goes here_" ???  I like being able to use at least some formatting, so please don't turn it off without providing a useable mechanism.  Or allow it everywhere, and whitelist the tags you'll accept so people can't sneak img=script nonsense in...
Thanks :-)
tarfrahw tarfrahw
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Members can choose to preserve their stories and keep it linked to their username, or they can choose to delete the username from our system and preserve those stories under a 'deleted' title. As you pointed out, stories under a deleted title get mixed with all other stories that have been preserved under a deleted title, which offers more anonymity.

A username once deleted become part of our available username options, however no information is carried over between the old and new account.