Bs Ep!

Why is it that we can't see certain questions asked on Q&A anymore? but others can?

and no.
It's not because of blocking.
It's not because of my settings....

What sort of filtering caca mamadas is this?

and what else do you do it with? o.O confessions? stories?

::smacks EP staff with keyboard to the face::

Bad EP Staff. No.  
Cosreal Cosreal
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

You so feisty =) poor arsineh lol

lol X] for realz though!

If you're having trouble seeing somethings others can, such as mature material. It's because your account settings/filters are on. You can visit your account settings to update your filters.

I just said.......... it's not my settings.

If you can send us an example, we can help get this sorted out for you.