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Coming Soon! NEW Simplified Privacy Policy On EP!

Giving members the ability to choose the level of privacy they desire for their EP account has been a fundamental part of making EP a safe and comfortable space where members can be themselves.

So, when we heard that some members were confused about the ‘discreet’ and ‘public’ options currently available, we set out to simplify the privacy setting, to make them easier to understand.

**For one we’re getting rid of the search by email feature which was an option available to members who opted for public profiles. We know that some of you want your friends and family to find you on EP but we suggest sending them an invitation to the site, instead.  To protect our members and the sensitive topics they share NO ONE will be able to search for you by email regardless of your account settings. 

Come February, 1st there will be two account setting options available:  Standard and ‘EP Only’

[Note: You will not find these options under account settings, just yet, but if you set your account to 'discreet' the option available now your account will automatically be converted to 'EP Only' come February 1st.  All other accounts will become standard accounts]

Regardless of whether you have a Standard or 'EP Only' account, logged in members see the same detailed information on your profile, what distinguishes these two types of accounts is the amount of information displayed on your profile for people who are browsing the site and aren't logged in.

When an account is set to ‘EP only’ it means that only EP members can see the content on your profile. People who are NOT logged into EP (though they can see basic information on your profile) CAN'T see a list of your stories, groups or any of your photos (avatar and photo albums)

On the other hand, when you have a ‘Standard’ account people not logged into EP, browsing the site can see your profile, though they still need to be EP members in order to message you or add you to their circle.  This way, when someone reads your story and finds it interesting, they can view your profile and be led to other great stories you have written, making it easier for people to connect and find value in Experience Project.

Since privacy is an important topic, and especially important for Experience Project, we want to give everyone time to change their privacy settings before we make this change. You have until February 1st, 2013 to log into EP, go to your account settings, and set your privacy settings to 'EP only' if you choose. By default your account will already be EP only if your profile was set to discreet. Now is a good time to uncheck or check that option.

We hope you like these changes, and we hope that this makes it easier for users to continue to make positive connections on EP while being confident that their privacy is secure.
EPArsineh EPArsineh 26-30, F 56 Responses Dec 18, 2012

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I was fortunate to find this site and am quite thankful I did. I was on an MS-support site (MSWorld) that is now straining to survive. I find this a very nice place to read on positive aspects of others issues. THANK YOU for this site.

Thanks for the changes improving privacy.

I like these changes, especially about the email privacy.
Thanks, Arsineh, and Happy New Year to You and all EP Staff.

You're cute.

I think this is a good step to keeping Ep's members safe.

Privacy is important to me. I am glad that nobody can see my private email address. Once it gets into a spam engine you get spam every day for the rest of your life with no way to opt out unless you sign with another ISP and subsequently get a different email address. I get way too much spam as it is. You can try to 'bounce' it but the sender's details are often disguised and the unwanted mail returns to you as undelivered. There are very good reasons to be very careful who you disclose your email address to.


I personally am not in favor of the direction of this move. I would rather have more choices and controls to be able to make more specific, more fine tuned, decisions about who can see what on my profile.

Example, being able to specify that certain categories of people (levels of friends) can see specific groups in my groups list for example; or that only people who have already joined a group I am in can search for me by my email to see if I'm also on EP.

I understand that some members may benefit from "simplification"; but personally feel the better way to eliminate any confusion about the "discrete" vs. "public" feature would have been to have independent controls with more clearly defined meanings on a panel, so that the user could not only see specifically what each pre-set did....but also create a custom security set-up if they so desired.

So unless I make that choice now, It won't be an option later? Now all you need is a filter to keep the perverts from viewing my profile.

Preserving privacy is a key part of EP for me; any efforts to strengthen it are appreciated. Many thanks.

Good to know. Thank You!

thank u!!!!

Thank's for the head's up!

Arsineh, I appreciate your updates, and privacy is an especially important issue to address. This being the second time I've seen complaints, however, can you please tell those users under this I Want to Improve the Experience Project header how a user can opt out from receiving your notices? If it's not part of the site yet, can you please ask your programmer(s) to add an Opt Out check box to their profile page and link those users with your All Users contact list? Perhaps quicker, set up a group called I Don't Want to Receive EP Features Updates and let those users post themselves there? Maybe that'll take care of them the quickest way. It's not my perspective, but keeping them happy is part of Improving the Experience Project. Have a great Christmas and New Year, whatever your faith - or lack therof, that's ok too. We here in the EP community embrace all perspectives :).

How do we go about NOT receiving these types of notices all the time?

Its in the settings on the left side of your profile.

There's nothing there covering these kind of notifications, it only covers pm's, whiteboard, gestures, etc... There should definitely be an opt out option when it comes to this kind of thing. If you're not a member of a group you shouldn't be receiving notices from it. Since they don't allow you to block EP associates something needs done because it can be quite bothersome.'s me thinking I had a message at last!

Let me add that I like being able to see what my profile looks like to other EP members.

Yes, I LOVE the Home & Profile view. I use it everytime I log in. Very good point!

Pls make a "chat lounge" for all EP users.

Great! Wonderful news to help us protect ourselves. Thank you!

Good one


Now all that we need is quick login. I don't wanna click on Login and then enter username and password. Why not on the main page itself like Facebook?

please start the EP chat for all EP members please !!!

are there ever goin to be maybe a few chatt rooms like there was on yahoo ?

Great News, if we wanted to share/interact with others on other sites, then we'd join those sites..but we don't lol


I'm curious as to why you've kept your activity hidden for the last few months, Arsineh? Any reason you don't want us to be able to tell what you've commented on?

Thank you for thinking of me, 'cause I am definitely confused about EP's options and I had a difficult time getting my pic into the avitar section, so I'm still apprehensive about changing it, because when I initially tried to put my photo up, I lost it ...permanantly....and its place in my picture collection in my PC, is that stupid cartoon "male" pic from EP! photo disapppeared into "cyber-space"?!!

that sounds like a bug, where the photo was downloaded instead of uploaded by mistake? that's quite serious.

It was my pictures file...and so was my cat...both from the same place...he crossed over into EP-land just fine after I first tried my pic... of which there was only one of...I have two of my I use him instead...'cause mine is gone, gone!!!...and in my pictures place is the EP male cartoon avitar...but I don't mind my cat pic after'm just a bit wary to change it ....after that episode...

What is most important to me is the following: I do not want someone who knows my email address to be able to link it to my ep account using Google or any other application. If they are able to do this, then I lose all anonymity regarding all of my ep content. Will your new policies prevent this? Please tell me the truth. Thank you. iwantpizza (ep user)

I would like to be able to find people or some of thier wrtings by searching thier name.

Does that mean the blogs I write will be discreet too. Right now,anyone,anywhere can find it via Google when they access my user name.

I want to share something here, it would be great if we can share our token with our friends :)

well I know you can buy tokens for a friend if you want as for giving from your own tokens I am not sure you can do that yet.

Well that sounds great I still have a small problem with that. Say we have a group of people we talk to but we have other interests that we do not want to share with other people. I still say there should be something for that aspect . thanks